My Kat Von D Exposé

So a while back, I was browsing Sephora and found some awesome deals on some Kat Von D lipgloss . I picked up a few shades and headed to the counter.  Even though the glosses were on sale, they were still a bit overpriced, but I was happy to pay it because I was in love with the shades and loved how the gloss felt on my lips and stayed in place.  I used those lip glosses every day it seemed like it.  I tended to lean more towards the color above "rocker."  I went so crazy using it, I ran out pretty quickly.  In a panic, I grabbed my purse and headed to my nearest Sephora.  I searched and searched through the Kat Von D section only to come up empty handed.  I finally though "maybe they sold out since they were one sale, maybe they will be getting in another shipment."  After flagging a worker down, I explained to her what I was looking for.  She shook her head before I even finished and said "she stopped making those, they have the flat glosses, but not that particular type you are looking for anymore."  I though 'no way, these are too stinking cute, other people had to have loved them like me!'  Thinking she was mistaken, I removed the empty gloss from my purse to show her, yes, in denial, only for her to confirm, that indeed Kat Von D no longer provides that line of gloss.

A passing by co-worker overheard her and stopped and said, "we have Sephora brand glosses."  I tried to dismiss her quickly, until she reached out for my empty gloss.  I contemplated not handing it over, if I scraped really hard I could get a few more wears out of that thing!  She reassured me that what she was going to show me would make me happy.  She brought it over to the Sephora gloss and said "just like I though, her you go."  She handed me back my empty gloss as well as a Sephora brand gloss.  I must have showed my confusion, they looked like the exact same gloss!  The girl then explained to me that Kat Von D takes Sephora makeup and repackages it.  What?!  I mean, I guess I never really looked into it, but I always assumed 'hey, this is a Kat Von D line, this is something she spent time on."  I felt like I had been slapped in the face.  While I was thrilled that I found the same gloss, I was also hurt that I had spent so much time appreciating "Kat Von D's makeup style" when all it was was Sephora's line. 

What happened at the register made the sting worsen.  I was rang up and the gloss ended up costing half the price of the Kat Von D gloss.  What the what?!!  So I overpaid AND the gloss I just purchased had more in it??

Lesson learned?  maybe do a little research before overpaying for something that could be a rip off of something that is the exact same thing for half the price!

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