A Lesson on Movie Etiquette


While visiting family in New Orleans for Thanksgiving I was able to score tickets to see "Boondock Saints II" which is in limited showing in the U.S. I was so excited, I could barely contain myself. The group I went with arrived about an hour early, just to scope out the perfect section. We seated ourselves and chatted for a while as the theater was empty. It began slowly filling as the showtime crept closer.

At some point, three younger guys come in being loud and obnoxious. We are seated three rows from the top, off center. They decide to sit directly behind us because, as one of them yelled to the other "that row be to high." ugh, I roll my eyes and feel my blood pressure rise a little. No worries, blow them off, let them talk themselves out before the previews and movie begin. A few minutes later, one of the guys leaves the other two to find the rest of their party, 'great' I thought to myself 'all we need is more annoying people right behind us.' A few minutes later the other two follow. Hmmm, maybe they entered the wrong theater and just realized it. That was a close one!

The theater fills up almost completely, a couple empty seats next to me, just like I like it and a few down the row. The lights begin to dim, but just before they are turned off completely, I see a group of 5 enter the theater. It is the infamous loud group from earlier. The original one yells at the other two for leaving and losing their seats and throws himself on the seat next to me. Another takes a seat at his side and the other three push their way through the aisle, kicking me as the go. Assholes! No excuse me, no apologies, they own this theater apparently & just forgot to inform everyone.

The previews begin, many movies I may have been interested in, would I have been given the chance to listen to the plot line, but of course, I was not afforded this opportunity due to my new neighbors banging on about their shitty seats. It takes much effort on my end to keep my temper. I've been known to have anger problems and a very short temper. I don't want to embarass the people I am with, but if this continues much longer, I know I won't have a choice. The lights completely turn off and the movie begins. I ignore them for a split second as the excitement explodes within me, yes! finally!! The excitement is quickly burst with the conversation next to me. I decide to say "movies starting" ((maybe they didn't notice?)). They continued talking so I repeat myself, this time a little louder. Still, nothing. Finally the man in front of them has had enough. He turns arounds and asks "Are you guys going to talk during the whole F*king movie?!". I have to admit, it was very difficult for me to try to hold in my laughter so I didn't and let it slip out. This was followed by many threats of him "popping off on all of us" so on and so forth.

Anyways, moral of the story, if you are paying $10 to see a movie and want to talk through the whole thing, please expect to be yelled at and/or have the crap beat out of you :) Learn your movie etiquette & mind your manners for your own sake!

P.S. Boondock Saints II was actually greater than I imagined it would be. The boys looked almost as great as they did ten years ago and still made my heart skip a beat everytime they appeared on screen! ::sigh::

Hamill vs. Bisping: An Oldie

So I was thinking about the UFC fight from LAST weekend & it reminded me of this fight. I couldn't find the video of the actual fight, but I was able to get a hold to the decision. For those of you who watched the fight, it was VERY clear that Hamill should have walked away with the decision here, but for some reason they gave it to Bisping...one of the many things that made me strongly dislike this d bag. Anyways, for those of you who don't know, Matt Hamill is an extraordinary MMA fighter, who also happens to be deaf. He is amazing to watch fight & I am definitely a fan of his.



Happy Tuesday to everyone!! I know I have been a horrible, horrible blogger lately. I have been so tied up with life in general that I have not kept up with my duty of blogging. Hopefully I will be able to get back on track shortly and get you guys up to speed on everything.


Anyways, last night after I cleaned up the house, as always, I curled up in bed and grabbed my new issue of Shape magazine (normally I go for my Cosmo..Glamour or Vogue, but wanted to read something different). Jenna Fischer is on the front cover looking cute as always. I glance at the cover as I always do to cheat and get a sneak peek of what is within. Just as I was about to flip to the front page, the word "germaphobe" caught my eye. Naturally I flipped to the page that was next to it and began reading this woman's story. I will spare ALL of the details, honestly because it kind of made me ill to the tummy. The woman sounded a lot like me, maybe a little bit more extreme actually, taking every measure to avoid and/or destroy germs surrounding her. She took swabs from everyday items she touched but thought she protected herself from & had a doctor study them over a period of time.

Well, long article short, some pretty disturbing things were discovered. Vaginal and rectal yeast on the elevator buttons she touched everyday, fecal matter on just about everything that she came into contact with and swabbed. Large amounts of fecal matter on the children's' jungle gym at the park, but the most disturbing, her kitchen counter top. This lady is a vegetarian so had no change of raw meat contamination. The end result to the study of the secretly dirty counter top, her sponge. Where she thought it was clean, it was actually full of germs.

So, where do I leave you, besides with disgusting thoughts and probably the need to wash your hands a million times after reading this as I did? Well, I will pass along a couple of the tips I gathered from the article. You can always go pick up a copy and read the full article.

Tip #1: ALWAYS wash your hands after using the bathroom (duh!). You should lather your hands for at least 20-30 seconds and rinse with warm water. You should sing the "happy birthday" song at least twice during this process in order to assure you have killed all the germs. Make sure to pay attention to under your finger nails. When grabbing the paper towel to dry your hands (germs LOVE wet surfaces so make sure to dry thoroughly) use the paper towel to turn off the faucet and open the door to exit the restroom.

Tip #2: If someone sneezes by you, walk diagonally away from the sneeze. Also, the myth about holding your breath....not a myth at all! It takes a certain amount of germs to get you sick, so by you holding your breath and potentially keeping out so many germs, you can actually avoid getting sick! Crazy!

Tip #3: Counter tops should be sprayed or wiped down with Clorox or other anti-bacterial substances BEFORE AND AFTER meal preparations (yes, not just after!) in order to keep from contamination.

Tip #4: Use separate cutting boards for different types of foods (this is a given but still thought I'd mention it). You shouldn't use the same chopping board for meat as you do for your veggies.

Tip #5: Last but certainly not least, to keep your sponge from becoming a breading ground for all the nastiness, after each use, still in a bowl of water and place in the microwave for two minutes.

If any of you guys have any nifty tips for us germaphobes, please share!


Meeting Ross Perot


So everyone has exciting stories about famous people they have met throughout their life. Hubby has a friend that seems to run into famous people every time he turns around, snaps pictures with them on his cell and sends them to him. I have never been that fortunate. I've gotten close to a few "famous" wrestlers, but none that really caught my interest.

So, as my followers know, the Marine Corps Birthday Ball was this past weekend. It was the 234th Birthday, so it was even more special since hubby is with VGMR 234. They decided to break away and have their own ball with their own special guest speaker, Mr. Ross Perot. I won't go into too much detail about meeting him, only to say he was one of the cutest, soft spoken, old man I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I'm happy to say I have now met someone "famous" and can't wait until my next encounter with someone as well known as him. Hey, Sarah Palin will be here shortly, maybe I'll snap a photo with her?!


Funny Friday

Happy Friday!!! I always like to post funny videos because it just suits my personality for the most part. So today should be no different than the others, right?! Right! Here you go. This came on me & hubby's radar last night after watching Tosh.O (a new show on comedy central where they basically find a bunch of funny videos off the internet). Anyways, I know it really isn't that funny at all, but for some reason last night it tickled me so much that hubby looked it up on youtube and played it over and over for me until I was in tears and my abs hurt. Most of you won't think it is THAT funny, but either way, still funny. Enjoy & happy Friday!!!


To All of Our Fallen Ones & The Brave Who Are Still Standing...

Happy Veterans Day! Today is a day where we hold all of our military personnel above all others. They don't ask for much, so isn't it the least that we can do? Try to keep in your mind and heart all of those who have given their life for our freedom. All of those who stay up for days on end just so that we may sleep peacefully. All of those who missed seeing their first child born, missed important holidays and other occasions. All of those who have watched their brothers die. All of those who have looked the devil in the face and haven't given up.

You don't have to know anyone in the military to celebrate this day. Keep them in your mind and prayers with everything you do today. Being able to grab and coffee, pick up a magazine, sit and relax for a few minutes would be a luxury for many of those fighting overseas.

I will love and support our troops until the day I die. Happy Veterans Day and too all those devil dogs out there, Semper Fi!



So this is evolution??

I was sent this clip a while back and it still sticks in my head. I recently picked up my November Cosmo (I have a million laying around the house waiting to be read as I have a subscription) to flip through it. I noticed a picture of a beautiful woman. I noticed that she had a little thick thighs, but then I gasped *what is this?!* she has a little bit of a tummy pouch. Very little, let me make that perfectly clear, but a little tummy fat nonetheless. I was surprised and overwhelmed with happiness. They were praised by posting this picture in a previous month so they snapped a few more of full figured women. It was absolutely stunning & gave me encouragement that maybe, just maybe, normal figured and sized ladies still have a shot. Don't get me wrong, I have been losing weight, BUT there will come a point and time that I will be at my smallest, and my smallest will still not meet the previous "stick figure" beauty that has been upheld for the longest.

Anyways, seeing the article reminded me of this little video and I wanted to pass it along, especially for any of you young bloggers out there or ones with younger kids. It's good to pass it on :)

I'm baaaccckk!

So I managed to survive the drive to and from New Orleans. I also managed to survive the Marine Corps Birthday Ball yet another year. That is always an adventure in itself. I will post pictures and an update of all of the happenings and stories from the past few days. Until then, enjoy the below video. It made me laugh as I am such a Twilight sage freak, but I still love when people poke fun at it.

Update soon I promise!


Eye Candy

Happy Thursday everyone!!! Today is like my Friday since I have taken Friday and Monday off to travel home to spend time with family and friends and, of course, to hit up the Marine Corps Birthday Ball!!!

Anyways, while getting my nails done last night, the boy that worked at the shop turned on G.I. Joe. I hadn't seen it because hubby said it wasn't that great, so I figured why waste my time that wouldn't live up to my expectations. Well, little did I know that one of my all time favorite hunky actors, Brendan Fraser, was in it! God, he is such a sexy older man. Anyways, I figured today I would dedicate a post to him and all of his hunkiness. Enjoy ladies!!





Another funny....kind of

So I know that everyone has probably been on both sides of situations like this. There are times where you are part of the "inside joke" and something so STUPID sounds hilarious and you can't stop laughing no matter what. There are other times when you are on the outside looking in and just think "man these people are crazy!" lol WELL for the most part, every time my hubby and myself are around other people, we begin talking in quotes or inside jokes unintentionally. We have been told before that we have our own language that other people can't understand. Now I know how silly/crazy we must look to other people!


Tuesday Funny Section

So I realize that I have probably let some of my followers down by not blogging about anything of important, but I simply can't help it. I randomly have great ideas & by the time I have a minute to blog they are long gone. Anyways, life has been extremely hectic lately, but I like it and probably wouldn't want it any other way. I still find time to laugh. Laughter seems to calm any mood. I am grateful for having the life that I have and all the people that I have in it. I'm hoping to spread the positive and laughter. So, throughout the day today, I'm going to try my best to post random funny clips from movies/TV shows that I just remember & that make me laugh. So enjoy :) Happy Tuesday!