To All of Our Fallen Ones & The Brave Who Are Still Standing...

Happy Veterans Day! Today is a day where we hold all of our military personnel above all others. They don't ask for much, so isn't it the least that we can do? Try to keep in your mind and heart all of those who have given their life for our freedom. All of those who stay up for days on end just so that we may sleep peacefully. All of those who missed seeing their first child born, missed important holidays and other occasions. All of those who have watched their brothers die. All of those who have looked the devil in the face and haven't given up.

You don't have to know anyone in the military to celebrate this day. Keep them in your mind and prayers with everything you do today. Being able to grab and coffee, pick up a magazine, sit and relax for a few minutes would be a luxury for many of those fighting overseas.

I will love and support our troops until the day I die. Happy Veterans Day and too all those devil dogs out there, Semper Fi!


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