Breaking the - RULE 5

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! I'm breaking the tradition and posting my Rule 5 today. Not only is it a hot chick but it's a pretty risky video. Also, I happen to absolutely LOOOOVE this song, so it's a win-win for me :) Enjoy!! ((sorry it's not the original video- but they have blocked embedding))



So now that I have let things so, I have been feeling AMAAAZING! We have been saving money pretty well (if I may toot my own horn, I've been VERY good). I have been able to keep the house pretty clean for the most part, the cars looking nice, my career going strong and building. Everything seems to be falling into place. We had a couple friends visit this past weekend and we were able to take them on a quick tour of the area we live in now. On the list, & one of my favorites, the water garden.



(Okay, no cracks about taking my oversized purse to such an outing & the fact that I'm probably telling Lyz I'm going to fall on my face). Now, as some of you may know, I used to be (still am a little) terrified of heights. Making my way down such a large drop off was a big accomplishment. I feel like these days, I can do just about anything. I have let go of all the negativity, and the people who went along with it, and it has changed my whole outlook on life.

I am still so grateful that I was given the chance to be here & I don't plan on ever forgetting it. My best friend is flying in early Friday morning & I was given the day off to go have fun for my birthday. I'm sure it will be an adventure, as it usually is when we get together.

I plan on making entertaining posts again shortly, just wanted to fill you guys in on everything.



Someday We'll Know

I popped in my "A Walk to Remember" CD this morning to change it up from my constant rocking out phase. I had a pretty good weekend, could have been more eventful, but I am grateful for it now, since I apparently will be non-stop for the next month or so. You will not hear a complaint leave my lips though. I am SOOO happy to be living here with my hubby. I always knew he was special, but I didn't realize that we would fall in love all over again. The area is so beautiful and safe. The weather, although pretty hot in the summer, is so beautiful once the season starts changing (which you can already tell it is in the mornings and evenings). The people are fantastic. I still haven't run out of things to do or see around here. It is simply amazing.

I prepped the house for our guest that are coming in a couple days. I feel guilty that they will be left on their own on Thursday, then Friday will have Robert as a tour guide, but I know they will stay entertained in this city. Saturday will be full of shoe shopping with Lyz as she is a shoe whore much like myself, so we will be hitting the shoe heaven as I call it. They will be leaving Sunday, which gives me enough time to re-group my thoughts and house for my special arrival on Friday. For this visit, I had planned a day off, which I am still taking so I can pick her up from the airport. This visit, I am sure, will change Dallas, Fort Worth and all surrounding areas. I'm not sure if they can handle us.

Anyways, back to the beginning, I popped in the CD and this song has been stuck in my head (along with pretty much all the others, guess I'll be watching the movie again soon!). Enjoy!


You're better off dead...

& that's just what you are to me....only certain people deserve the respect of a memory, but you, my "old friend" will not even get a spec in my memory, I'd like to save room for memories that are worth something...

that being said...it is almost quitting time. If business wouldn't have picked up so much I would be going home, but I'm setting up for a new project, yippie!! :)

I plan on having a lot of fun tonight with some friends and pretty much the rest of the weekend. It is great to have a life that I don't have to constantly lie to people all the time. This is the last blog I will acknowledge you in, simply because I see you still getting on to check my stuff, which is, to be quite honest, kinda psycho...so go back to your lies & entertain yourself..

&& without further ado...for everyone's listening pleasure, an awesome song that I cannot get out of my head...enjoy & have an awesome weekend!!! :)


Despite the fact that I have been struck with the insomnia stick once again, apparently, I am in a very chipper mood this morning. Rabbit came back yesterday from a trip & we went bowling, which I haven't done in forever. I started off thinking I should let him win, not knowing how poor of a sport he would be if I won (I simply wouldn't know since he beats me at every other game or thing we do lol). I figured, why not play to my full potential, so I did, and I won both games we played. He was a very good sport, which made it better.

This weekend is drill weekend, which means I will be left to my own devise during the weekend days. I think I may venture around to certain spots and take some pictures.


Thinking about going back to the water gardens and wander around and take time taking photos. We will see, depending on the heat!

I'm also going to get new contacts/glasses and run other errands. But what I am most excited about....


RANGERS! v. the Red Sux. I really hope to see the Rangers demolish the sux, but we will have to wait & see, but I certainly am hoping for baseline seats on this one. I have many, many, many reasons to hate the sux, my number one reason being I'm a diehard Yankees fan, always & forever...

Other than that, probably poker or a party at a friend's tonight and who else knows what else.... the weekend is still young, I'll wait & see...happy friday! :)


Because every girl deserves this...

"I'll be fighting for her, too. You should know that. I'm not taking anything for granted. And, I'll be fighting twice as hard as you will."



Cash for Clunkers = Invasion of Privacy

Please take about 5 or so minutes to watch the video below. I'm usually on the more conservative side when it comes to things, but this is just insane. The message clearly shows that the government can and will access and/or save every single last thing on your computer...picutures...websites...even chats! Insanity! Where is your government now?!



So I can't help but rocking out to this song for the past week or so & it's driving me nuts. Couldn't find the video (don't think they made one yet?), so you'll have to deal with this, but still...love it? hate it? get addicted like me? let me know!

Fight Night!!!

I feel like a kid everytime a UFC fight weekend comes around. I get so excited and overtaken with joy and excitement, so much so that it's ridiculous and hard to believe. Anyways, I have A LOT to blog about, so much excitement and stuff going on in my life right now it isn't even funny! I've had slim to no time to keep everyone up to speed as I should, no time to introduce new products, new music, new movies, but I promise, I will catch up soon. Hopefully tonight/tomorrow because this weekend is completely jammed packed with fun events (which I will get into more in another blog...

On to the real post.....


This weekend's fight is sure to be interesting. Although it dims in comparison to the most recent big fight (with my guys Lesnar, GSP and other big names on the fight card), it is sure to be eventful. The two main fights that I am most anxiously awaiting, as I'm sure they are the same two everyone else is waiting for, is Penn vs. Florian and Silva vs. Griffin. I'm pulling for Penn just because Florian rubs me the wrong way, nothing personal. & surprisingly I'll be cheering on Forrest Griffin strictly based on his quirckly personality. Some people think he's cocky, but you can tell when it comes down to it, he is out there being silly and having fun. Doesn't hurt that he's actually pretty good as well.

We will see what happens...I'll have to be content with this until GSP fights again (grrrooowlll). The ultimate reward would be to see Frank Shamrock again...man do I love me so Frank Shamrock...but I know that is only a dream...

A little taste of frank:


Promise I'll get everyone up to speed soon. Until then, let me know who you think will win or at least who you want to win. The other fighters I usually wait until weigh in and make my ultimate decisions then.