Good Day

Have you ever had one of those days where you can just tell it is going to be a GOOD day? (much like the ones where you can tell they are going to be horrible). Well, today I can just tell is going to be a great day! I woke up before my alarm went off feeling refreshed. Had puppy dog follow me around wagging his tail. Hubby turned on the teley and this song was on, yet again!, and it puts me in the best mood imaginable!! I must confess that I originally thought it was Jason Mraz when I first heard it (so sue me!) but then I realized that I think I've fallen for Michael Buble's wonderful talent/singing voice and of course that adorable face of his.

I used the new beauty product I'm selling last night and this morning and my skin feels amazing!Who would have thought soft skin would help set the mood for the day!

Now to leave you with a funny before I start work. This morning I was able to get out of the house early enough to treat myself to a QT cappuccino (the only QT is about 5 minutes out of the way so I'm only allowed it when I leave early, which is hardly ever lately). I grabbed my cappuccino, my apple, orange and water and headed to the counter. I opted out of the plastic bag (gotta save the world ya know?!) and managed to juggle my way to the car. I grabbed my key to unlock the door (note to self: need to get the remoteless key fixed) only to discover that someone must have tampered with my lock, it won't open! After a few unsuccessful tries, panic set in. I stepped back only to realize it wasn't my car! Thank goodness the person who it belongs to did not walk out during my adventure, they would have likely called the cops alerting them that there was a crazy lady running around juggling fruits trying to break into people's cars. teee hheee..

Have a great day guys!!


We're All Irish Today!!

Happy St. Patty's Day!! No blog today, too much going on, BUT I will leave you with this simple/funny quote. Have a great day!

May you be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows you're dead!


I Won't Give Into You

Food that is! Recently hubby & I had dinner with our good friends before hitting a movie. The location? Razzoo's downtown. Different from the Razzoo's back home (which is a bar/club on bourbon), this Razzoo's is a restaurant that lends a cajun feel and pretty damn good seafood considering the area. But I digress, I came to the realization that night (took me long enough I know!) that maybe the reason my hometown is so overly fat/morbidly obese is because of our great food. It seems as though the staple to most of our meals have large quantities of rice and/or pasta. No wonder we are all wandering around looking like the State Puff Marshmellow Man!!

I got ill to my stomach pretty quick just thinking about eating everything that was on my plate (probably 10 pounds of pasta!). I began realizing, more so than I have lately, how much food has a factor in my life. When you are young you can eat anything and everything. Once you pack on a few extra pounds (or in my case about a million), food becomes your obsession. Not necessarily EATING the food, but worried about what you should and shouldn't eat. I catch myself thinking about what I should cook for dinner that night in order to avoid over eating/eating to late.
Anyways, I keep picking up little tid bits of information here and there & I figured I would share with you when I find some interesting ones as I know a good bit of my followers or on a weight-loss journey such as myself.

The Chinese consume three times as much as we Americans do but their means consists of fiber-rich veggies, fruits and beans, while meat only makes up 2% of their meals (mainly used to add a little flavor to a dish)
Japan lives by the "hara hachi bunme" motto- eating until 80% full. They also wait 20 minutes before heading for seconds

If you have a Starbucks 16-ounce salted caramel hot chocolate with whipped cream (640 calories) you would have to do 62 minutes on the stair climber. YIKES!!

USE THE BUDDY SYSTEM- have a weight loss buddy. I know it sounds silly, but if you feel you will be held accountable for that extra brownie, maybe you might put it down and step away? This is a promise to anyone reading this, I will be your buddy if you need it. Leave me a comment or message me and we can exchange information. I'm in if you are!

Most of these fun facts came from Shape Magazine, which I absolutely love && recommend everyone to subscribe to :)


Second Sunday

Happy Monday to all!! I wanted to start off my blog this morning by letting everyone know that, once again, I ran into the baby hookers this weekend. Actually, to be fair, I'm not positive it was the same group of little girls, BUT they did have the tiny clothes and adult heels/makeup/accessories that were probably older than them. It made me so sad then made me start wondering "do I live close to a child prostitution ring??!"

Speaking of neighborhoods, we are closing on our new house next month and I'm SO excited/happy/nervous. The house is BEAUTIFUL. My favorite part of it all?? That would be the patio that overlooks the beautiful green scenery behind us, where no one can ever build. Ahh, I'm so excited!!

This weekend was the big St. Patty's day parade over here in Dallas on Greenville Avenue. A group of our friends and I caught the train in from Fort Worth. It was packed, later to find out there were 80,000 people on the street that day. It was crazy and definitely worth the trip. It was the closest thing I've seen to Mardi Gras, made me feel like I was home for a minute. Especially when we got on one train and it smelled like the Zoo. Anyways, the best part of it all, there was a Borat wanna be...enjoy :)


Wherever I May Roam

So I try to post at least one song a week or so that just makes me want to dance/shake my booty/sing at the top of my lungs/ jump up on a bar/ take my clothes off.....what??...too far?? lol...anyways, this is one of my favs this week...it is an old one BUT I can't get it out of my head...so enjoy- Metallica- Wherever I May Roam (dang youtube won't let me embed the official vids grrr)

Butt Prints on the Glasstop Desk

That about sums up what came to my mind when I recently saw an old man who looked like my last boss. I remember the day I found out about his many *man do I mean MANY* office flings. I became sick to my stomach thinking about it as I was the one cleaning his office due to my OCD/cleaning disorder/control freak-ness/organizational disorder. I thought of how many times I probably cleaned off dried baby juice and didn't even realize it. Then I have to stop myself before I throw up like I did when I first found out.

Instead, I let my thoughts take me back to the people I used to work with. I feel bad for the one older lady who I honestly think is still clueless to it all. She actually isn't a bad person. I can't say anything about her lack of work ethic because, shoot, maybe I'll be like that when I get old, too tired to give a damn. She prided herself on her appearance, but deep down you could tell she wasn't a bad person. Things that came out of her mouth every now and then gave way to a soft side that she didn't like to show. When my old boss walked past her you could see the true love/adoration in her eyes towards him. She honestly loved him. She really had no clue what a shitbag he was. Neither did I. I used to go in his office to have him sign letters as he told me sob story after sob story of how this girl left him and this girl accused him of cheating, never true of course (riiiiight).

Anyways, after a while, I felt like I had a friend more than a boss, which was great. I was able to leave pretty much whenever I wanted and only got in trouble on the rariest of occassions when my younger boss got irritated. I was living the dream. I was away from hubby so I was drinking constantly. After bills and booze I barely had two dimes to rub together, but I didn't care. The alcohol numbed the reality, for a while at least. I started getting the cold shoulder from my older co-worker due to my new found friendship with her love. Rumors began and of course, I became a topic of one of her catty co-workers blog posting. It didn't and still doesn't bother me. I know she was hurt because she thought something was going on and her old friend was trying to stick up for her. That's what friends do. Neither of them would have thought twice about this if they really knew what this guy was doing, but that is neither here nor there.

I began to become suspicious of his motives after a few references, so I started digging deeper into his past. It became very obvious he was divorced due to his infidelity and I honestly felt heartbroken for his ex-wife. MY thoughts drifted back to my co-worker, so obviously oblivious to what a dog he was. Stories of ex-girlfriends made their way to the surface and it became clear this man couldn't keep it in his pants.

It wasn't long before I realized I needed to get out of this place before I ended up like him. Someone who couldn't commit to one person, someone who couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it. One lie lead into another, until he couldn't see through all of the bull shit.

I do regret not giving my other younger boss the chance to finish stuff up with me before I took off, but I think if he ever found out what happened he would agree with my situation (if he, say, put his newly made wife in my situation he would understand completely with my actions).

I was told by a friend still employed that IT uncovered lots of deleted [inapproriate] emails that my boss had sent to me and many others, though he was still and IS still employed with them.

Later I was called by another friend. She was barely speaking through tears and in an angry voice wanted to know what he tried to do with me. She then went on to tell me the things he did to her, she did to him and the things they did together. In his office, on the desk, all over. I became sick to my stomach and had to grab the toilet. I had cleaned that desk so many times, so unaware that stuff like that happened on it.

Anyways, so weird that all of these thoughts and memories surfaced just from seeing this poor old guy sitting all alone on the street.


Know-it-alls, jerk kids, & great wolves...O MY!!

So I'm sure you can't really gather from the subject line exactly what I'm talking about, so please let me explain.

You see, this past weekend was originally planned to be filled with a lot of crazy randomness (like trying out for Wheel of Fortune) BUT at last minute (Friday morning to be exact) we were called and given the opportunity to attend a marriage enrichment retreat. It was a shock to me since when we were given the opportunity to sign up for the "backup" list there were about 3 couples ahead of us. Many of the people that were going to be in definite attendance were all officers or high enlisted ranks. I assumed they were given the priority and pretty much wrote the retreat off as a loss. I would LOVE to go, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. You see, we attended one of these before and ABSOLUTELY LOVED it to pieces. It is basically a weekend at a nice hotel, all expenses paid, meals on the house, etc. etc., all you have to do is attend these workshops to help with communication, etc.

Anyways, to cut it short, we were called and told there was a spot opened. I was able to arrange care for puppy pup (which ended up causing me tears because I am apparently a big ninny when it comes to my only "child") and we were ready to rock and roll our weekend away at the Great Wolf Lodge.

Now, for those of you who are not from the DFW area, or still semi-new to it, as I am, the Great Wolf Lodge is a great place...if you have children. To be completely fair, they have pretty nice rooms, but other than that, NOT a place to have a marriage retreat. We later found out the Army was doing a family retreat in the same location, which made total sense to me. There is an indoor water park, storytime and a neat game that lets the kids run around the entire hotel pointing their wands at things and making them come to life. Sounds great if you are a parent right?? Well what if you were a parent and you were told about this amazing experience then told they would not be providing child care? That would be like telling your child you are going to put them in the car, drive them to chuck e. cheese and they would wait in the parking lot while you ran in to play. NO sense whatsoever.

But I digress, the facilitator was great. He forwarded on a lot of useful/helpful information. We took a break and let hubby get his cancer-stick fix with another couple. As we stood out there, the four of us talking, another couple from the retreat came out to join in conversation. It went randomly from tattoos to a "cool club downtown made out of ice." I began telling the girl I knew about the place we had went to that had the ice sculptures and it was too cold for my taste, but before I could complete my sentence, the know-it-all who had butted her way in the convo blurted "I KNOW, we lived here BEFORE our last station, I know all about that place." And I had to bite my tongue. Just exactly who asked you? And just why do you think that you needed to nose in our conversation that had nothing to do about you or where you have previously lived? The congregation quickly ended and hubby and I and the other couple we were friends with grabbed a drink at a non-iced bar while the know-it-all went out and partied all night, as evidenced from her haggard appearance at the seminar the next morning.

We were given SO much free time during the retreat we were able to utilize the indoor water park completely free. It was a pretty great experience I have to say. I did begin to realize at this point, what spoiled brats were in attendance at this lodge. I know the rooms are more pricey so the children there were from money (at least somewhat) and you could tell the ones that had little to no parent involvement in their life.

A certain situation occurred that still pisses me off. While we waited in line on the stairs leading up to one of the biggest slides, we noticed two groups of kids in front of us. A group of about 5 young girls (ranging from ages 7 to 9), all black except for one little white girl (who was apparently the runt of the group, being a pretty short stature compared to the other girls). The other "group" consisted of two little shit head boys. We noticed they were taunting the girls, talking to them in a Jamaican accent and talking to the little white girl about her taa-taa's. We all knew that we couldn't physically do anything to the boys (though I will tell you many scenarios played out in my head, flipping him over the railing, or better yet, hanging him by his trunks from the edge....) but we couldn't stand by while these little girls, who were minding their own business, were literally getting verbally abused. We made a few comments that scared the kid to shut up but noticed after the line split and they went in another the taunting began again. Luckily for the little girls another group of marines and spouses we knew went behind them and we passed the word along. By the end of it, I'm sure the little girls learned words they didn't know yet, but I still wish I would have waited at the bottom of the slide to follow those snot nose punks to their parents to let them know what they did. Chances are their parents are the same, kids learn a lot of things from their parents BUT at least I would have been able to kick a grow adults ass for the ignorance they have passed on.

Sheesh. What began as a relaxing weekend turned out to be an absolute nightmare!!


HAPPY FRIDAY && Home Sweet Home

Well, happy Friday to you all!! I have been horrible at keeping up like I want to with this thing, but the guy is still looking at our laptop (wondering if any inappropriate pics may be on there for his amusement...hmmmm) and I've been super busy at work (which is awesome in my book). It seems like the legal business is starting to kick up again in the area, which is a much welcomed blessing to all of these starving attorneys in the area.

So, our latest adventure might you ask? Oh, not much, just buying a house! Ahh, yes, I said it, buying a house. And not a barbie house, a real life house that both hubby, myself and our pup pup can live comfortably in forever and ever and build our family in, eventually. This whole thing has been such a learning experience for me and an eye opener to hubby that he wouldn't really be able to do much of anything without my taking charge and smarts :)

What else, what else. O, so I did manage to successfully get through the system for Big Brothers Big Sisters and have been matched for about two months now with a little. He is GREAT!! His mom definitely took the right step to enroll him in this program. She keeps him encouraged to get good grades in school but he is lacking a little in a positive role model/influence outside of school (besides his mom of course, who is amazing). I have been having such a great time taking him out and having fun. He is such a smart boy for being nine years old. It makes me wonder if we were so smart when we were that age or if kids these days are just more advanced/smarter than us. Anyways, I'll probably do a post soon strictly on this experience, since it is on my bucket list.

Other than that, things have been great in cowtown. Wheel of Fortune is coming to town tomorrow and Sunday (Dallas and Fort Worth respectively). I know some of you may be thinking "wow they still film that show" (hey I said the same thing!), and the answer to your query would be, YES! So hubby and some of our friends are headed down to try to strike it rich. In the worst case, we will just have tons of free fun. Sounds great to me!

So now I will leave you with a funny video clip and a song that I can't get out of my head. Have a great weekend ya'll!!

Poor sorority girl just wanted to make it snow in her sorority house. It ended up making a big noise/mess and everyone was angry with her. This is her response. I can't stop laughing

Okay, now to the song I can't get out of my head- Bulletproof by La Roux. I can't get it out of my head! I couldn't put the actual vid up thanks to youtube's dang restricted embedding. Anyways, enjoy! :)


Youth in America?

First, I need to apologize to my followers for staying away for so long. It has been a pretty hectic week!! I do hope to make up for the time missed though.

Now that the apology is out of the way, I will jump right into the topic I want to discuss. Youth in America. I had a horrible experience yesterday at the grocery store that I feel I need to share with you all.

I have been alternating between groceries in order to find the perfect one. I made hubby come with me yesterday because I was just too weak to lift the heavy things. He eagerly obliged and we made it through in record time. As we were leaving we walked across the front of the store on the outside to get to our car. As we were approaching one of the store's entrances, I see a group of about five girls. My stature and their baby faces I would estimate they were about 8 or 9 in age. But beyond that, you wouldn't be able to tell, their faces were caked with make up (probably the equivalent to a Miss AmericaPageant contestant) and such mature clothes for adults much less the children that they were. I watch as they waltz across the lot, getting in the way of people, jumping in front of cars, just all around being annoying and in the way. I shake my head. I'm insulted but at the same time sad that these children are out in a public place, dressed the way they are AND with no adult supervision. I mumble to hubby "where are their mothers?!" Just as the words come out one of the little babies looks at me and says "um excuse me?! where is your mother?!" I was shocked. I took at minute to contain my giggle and reply "honey, I'm old enough to be in public without my mom." I didn't stop walking this whole time because I really didn't want to get in a fight with a disrespectful child.

As angry as I was at the baby for talking to an adult that way, I felt a bit saddened. These girls will never have a chance. They already have the idea in their brain that they need to show their [lack of] business and cover themselves in paint in order to be cool. Not to mention, the store that we were at wasn't in the BEST of places, all I could think of was that one of those babies would be snatched before it is over. Then we would see the mum and dad on the teley sobbing "o my baby, I don't know how this happened!" Well, news flash people, when your children are running around barely dressed with a face of a prostitute and you have no clue where they are wandering around at unsupervised, things like that happen!

Ok, enough of my rant. This all leads me to yet another reason of why I am hesitant to have children. What if we have a little girl and she feels she needs to resort to this to be cool? What if I don't buy my girl a push up bra and thong undies at the age of 6? Ahh! The terror!!!!!