I Won't Give Into You

Food that is! Recently hubby & I had dinner with our good friends before hitting a movie. The location? Razzoo's downtown. Different from the Razzoo's back home (which is a bar/club on bourbon), this Razzoo's is a restaurant that lends a cajun feel and pretty damn good seafood considering the area. But I digress, I came to the realization that night (took me long enough I know!) that maybe the reason my hometown is so overly fat/morbidly obese is because of our great food. It seems as though the staple to most of our meals have large quantities of rice and/or pasta. No wonder we are all wandering around looking like the State Puff Marshmellow Man!!

I got ill to my stomach pretty quick just thinking about eating everything that was on my plate (probably 10 pounds of pasta!). I began realizing, more so than I have lately, how much food has a factor in my life. When you are young you can eat anything and everything. Once you pack on a few extra pounds (or in my case about a million), food becomes your obsession. Not necessarily EATING the food, but worried about what you should and shouldn't eat. I catch myself thinking about what I should cook for dinner that night in order to avoid over eating/eating to late.
Anyways, I keep picking up little tid bits of information here and there & I figured I would share with you when I find some interesting ones as I know a good bit of my followers or on a weight-loss journey such as myself.

The Chinese consume three times as much as we Americans do but their means consists of fiber-rich veggies, fruits and beans, while meat only makes up 2% of their meals (mainly used to add a little flavor to a dish)
Japan lives by the "hara hachi bunme" motto- eating until 80% full. They also wait 20 minutes before heading for seconds

If you have a Starbucks 16-ounce salted caramel hot chocolate with whipped cream (640 calories) you would have to do 62 minutes on the stair climber. YIKES!!

USE THE BUDDY SYSTEM- have a weight loss buddy. I know it sounds silly, but if you feel you will be held accountable for that extra brownie, maybe you might put it down and step away? This is a promise to anyone reading this, I will be your buddy if you need it. Leave me a comment or message me and we can exchange information. I'm in if you are!

Most of these fun facts came from Shape Magazine, which I absolutely love && recommend everyone to subscribe to :)


Kate said...

I think a good motivation is also to occasionally allow yourself treats too. Everything is okay just in moderation - wish you lots of luck.

Kate xx

Kitty Moore said...

I agree with Kate - treats are good in moderation. Sending you lots of luck x

There's always a million reasons not to do something said...

O yes! I agree with you both! They say if you don't give into some of your desires you breakdown easier in the long run. I've heard a trick "you can have everything that you want" but only have a very small portion and the rule is you have to wait 20 minutes in between each thing you REALLY want, to allow yourself time to realize maybe you aren't as hungry as you thought :) Thanks for the encouragement my wonderful girlies!