I'm a Rockin' Babe!

Happy Hump Day everyone!! I'm just wondering which you guys would prefer between the original "Careless Whisper" and the Seether cover version. I personally prefect the Seether version, but that's just because I like to rock it often. Take a listen and let me know!

George Michael's version




Kickin' It Old School!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Despite that my phone completely crapped out on me on Friday and I'm still awaiting the delivery of a fully functioning Blackberry Storm (the one I received last night was broken on arrival- unsweet)- it has been a pretty good week so far. The weather is back to cool autumn weather, I'm still losing weight and I have a lot of things to be happy about.

Anywho- I don't know why but for some reason I was thinking about stuff in the past and I remembered "2gether." For those of you who don't know, MTV made a fake boy band and made a movie about them. It was meant to be a funny joke, but they ended up becoming somewhat a real boy band. Now their songs are really silly as are they, but I was one of the young girls that hopped on that train. My favorite was QT (he died after the making of the CDs, movie and show of cancer) and my second favorite was Chad. Anyways, I figured I'd post a video so everyone could get a giggle. Enjoy!


Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I sure did!

We checked out this romantic little Italian restaurant not too far from the house Friday night. It was fantastic! I love family owned, small restaurants. Saturday morning we took Buster to the dog park and he absolutely loved it. It was nice to see him able to socialize with other dogs and people. That night we went and checked out one of the "fun arcades" that is more geared to adults. It rated two thumbs down on our scale, so we will stick to the Main Event for now until we find something better. Then we went to see "All About Steve," which I wanted to see when it first came out. It was pretty funny, but in the end I was pretty sad. Wasn't what I was expecting I guess. Sunday was a pretty slow day. We went to watch the Rangers v. Rays (GOOOO RANGERS!). We had awesome tickets that we scored for free from one of the Majors. The seats were fantastic, except after the first inning we had to seek shelter, due to my pale complexion. haha. It was a blast either way. I loved it even more when I realized they kept popping up the score of the Yankees whipping the Red Sux. Fantastic! After the game we strolled past the great lake by the new cowboy stadium, took some great pictures and then headed home. Went grocery shopping then grabbed "Observe & Report" from the Red Box (I had convinced Rob to watch ghosts of a girlfriends past but they were all out of them). I cooked a nice dinner then we watched the movie. Surprisingly, again, some laughs, but it kind of made me sad at the end. What is up with the funny movies turning kind of sad at the end?

Anyways, all in all, a pretty great weekend. What about you guys? Do anything interesting?


Funny Friday: Ghosting & More

So, not too long ago Robert introduced me to Hamish & Andy, who I now believe are absolutely hilarious. I've been thinking about them a lot today, so I figured I'd post a video for my followers to give them a good Friday laugh. Also, there is a story attached to this as well.

It begins with watching this video:

Now, I laughed my butt off only because I thought about what I would do if I saw that in public, or if I would feel if someone were doing it to me. So after a good laugh, we headed off to the mall, of course! We parted ways as we always do and next thing you know, I came to a stop and was suddenly bumped by Robert. He had apparently been "ghosting" me for a while and I had absolutely no clue. I thought I'd be clever and try it on him, but I got the giggles any time I got close to him, so needless to say he knew I was there. I finally made it to Sephora and Robert took off to the game store, per our norm. He knew I'd be in there for quite some time so he knew better than to stay. After thirty minutes in the store, I had made my selections, waited in line and was helped by this cute asian girl. She was super sweet and somewhat talkative when she was ringing me up. All I know is she went silent and when I looked at her she had turned pale and had a horrified look on her face. I asked her "what? what's wrong?" and all she could say was "umm, umm" almost scared. Finally she whispered and pointed "behind you." I instantly knew it was Robert, BUT moral of the story, just because it is funny to you doesn't neccesarily mean it will be funny to someone else. lol. happy Friday everyone!


Our Song...

This is our song. We've had many, but this one really gives me goosebumps. It reminds me of when we first met. It reminds me every morning is a great morning when I can wake up to him. It reminds me of everything we've ever done or had together. It reminds me of his beautiful singing voice that can soothe my soul, any time, day or night. It reminds me to be a better person, if not for myself, for him. This is our song.

Welcome Autumn!


Well, Autumn officially began on Tuesday, September 22nd. It is crazy to be somewhere that you can actually feel and see the seasons change. Before, in New Orleans, "Autumn begins" were just words on a calendar. The cool/cold weather puts me in the best of moods. Everyone keeps telling me I won't be so happy once winter rolls around, but I'm not too sure about that.
You see, the cold weather reminds me of a lot of things. First and foremost, it reminds me of my Papa. He was from Ohio and longed for winter. The one time it actually snowed when we were kids (1989- I was only four) he followed us around with his video camera trying to catch every moment. I still watch those videos. The cold weather also reminds me of love. I remember watching so many romance movies when I was younger, and it always seems like the female character finds her love when it's cold out. Strange, I know, but bear with me. It's a time where you can spend all day outside and not even notice because you aren't sweaty. Take a stroll around the block, hand in hand with your love, and feel like you don't have a care in the world. Also, it does a world of wonders for hair. My hair longs for the cold weather to give it a break.
Anyways, just wanted to say "welcome!" to the cold weather. I'm ready for you!


What Does Our Freedom Really Cost?

I get very tired and somewhat annoyed by the people who complain about the war. The worst of them all are the ones who give no respect for our troops who are, in fact, fighting for our freedom. Freedom to blog, freedom to go to school, freedom to earn a living and make decisions with our finances.

I have always had a respect and appreciation for our troops. No matter what sex, what branch, whatever, complete respect was always shown to them. It should have been no surprise to me that I would eventually fall in love with and marry a member of the United State Marine Corps.

I knew him before boot camp and have been with him through many deployments. He has lost many a close friend (considered family to them) not only just in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other overseas locations, but here in the United States as well. The feeling of sadness instantly washes over me when I hear of a death. I begin thinking about the family, more specifically the wife, and can't help but think "what if that were me?" It seems as though recently there are more deaths caused by suicide than homicide.

It makes me wonder what goes through their mind? I will never know, because I haven't gone through the things they have gone through. I haven't seen the things they have seen. I haven't had to wake up and wonder "is today the day we get ambushed" or something of that nature.

My husband has been taking the deaths rather hard. Over the past week or so, three people have fallen that he knew. With each death discovered, it seems a piece of him goes with them. A more sad, solemn Robert comes to the surface. It breaks my heart more and more every time, knowing there is nothing I can do. I am there for condolences and support, but none would be accepted, it would, in their minds, be shown as a sign of weakness.

It lead me to this thought today, what does our freedom really cost? Yes, our soldiers put themselves on the line everyday, but do we forget about their minds too? We call them "the lucky" that come back, but are they really all that lucky? ((Yes, they are lucky in that they were able to come back to their friends and family, do not take this as a slight to those who have died an honorable death for our country, because it most certainly is not)) Many of our troops who return are not even assessed for PTSD or other mental issues until years after they come back from deployment. Where does that leave our military men and women? In the dark? waiting for someone to save them?


To the Subway Asshole

This is a perfect example to follow up my "for all mankind" post. This evening, after leaving my husband's football game, we decided to stop and treat ourselves to a quick, healthy dinner. We pulled up at the Subway and there were only two customers in the store. A man and what appeared to be his young son. They were leaving as we were walking in. My husband and I both paused for a minute when they walked out, realizing they left all of their garbage and remaining food scraps on the table at which they sat. I stopped for a moment thinking, "maybe they aren't finished, maybe they are just grabbing something from the car." So I stood patiently, waiting for them to turn back around and pick up after themselves, like normal, decent human being with respect for others do.

As most of you may have figured out by now, he didn't return to collect his garbage and dispose of it properly. Instead, he and his son got in their car and prepared to depart, leaving the workers to pick up after them, almost like their personal maid. My husband, being just as disgusted as me, walked over to their table, grabbed some napkins and started picking up their garbage and tossing in the garbage can. It took us all of 15 seconds to completely clear the table, the whole event took so little time that the man was still buckling his seat belt. I looked at him until he was forced to make eye contact. This is when my bad temper kicked in. Robert is always my saving grace. Had he not been there, I know I would have walked outside and asked him to get out of the car. Child there or not, this man needed to be taught a lesson, even if it is from someone half his age. But I did not do this, because I know I would have been stopped. Instead I mouthed the word "asshole." How did he react you ask? He waved. To this, I laughed, which seemed to anger him (ever notice that when people are mad and you laugh at them, it just pisses them off more?).

I just don't understand. What would possess someone to do that? The most ridiculous part about it, the kid had through his crusts all over the table. Obviously he was never taught table manners. I chalk it up to this, obviously the man was just a nasty, dirty, slob with no respect for others and thus, no respect for himself ultimately. I should confirm that thought with myself based off of the way he was dressed, a holey dirty black shirt, dirty shorts, purple socks and dingy shoes.

That's it, I'll just tell myself he's a slob. There is no way someone could possibly be that rude and disrespectful.....

True Appreciation

I have come to realize the feeling of true appreciation. Not only the true appreciation of someone else, but when someone has honest and true appreciation of you and everything that you do.

I have always been the one to say thank you. I was taught it was rude to do anything otherwise. I remember being at a restaurant when I was about 18 or 19. It was just me and my sister and the waitress wasn't the best ever, but she was trying. That's all I ask for. She brought my sister a refill and my sister didn't say anything. I said "thank you" for her and the waitress walked away. I asked her "you don't say thank you?" She replied "it's her job." I let that thought sink in. It is somewhat ironic coming from my sister, since she was, in fact, a waitress herself. Had it been that she expected no thank you from her patrons or did she simply think that a job of that caliber was not worth being appreciative about?

Either way, as silly and pointless as that memory is, it still sticks with me. Everyone deserves a thank you every now and then. Whether it be for doing a small job, bringing a prompt refill, or all the way up to doing something on a larger scale, donating time or money to a charity, every kind act should be appreciated.

I have lost my way many times, quite a few times lately to be honest, and every time the same thing brings me back where I need to be. Remembering to be thankful, grateful and appreciative of every last minute I have been given. There were many times I thought I would not live. Car accidents, heart conditions, etc., etc. Every time I make it out okay and promise to myself to say please and thank you and make my appreciation known to anyone who has an impact on my life.

A recent discovery I have made with my current job, I am truly appreciated. My previous job ((I can honestly say was my worst job I've ever had and know for a fact that it always will be)) filled my head with random falsified appreciation, but never a true "thanks" for all the hard work I put in. There was much I did to go above and beyond what I was expected to do. I never asked for an extra penny, but a thanks or acknowledgment would have been nice. I continued until my very last day there, knowing I would never get that appreciation, but in my mind, I couldn't give up, I wouldn't be me if I didn't keep giving 110%.

I still think that is why I was blessed with my current job. All my hard work paid off and I was given co-workers and a boss that truly understand that I am in 110%. It has made me more verbal about my appreciation for others and I have noticed that it has made a difference in the people around me.

Anyways, I guess the whole point of this post is, in the darkest time that I was going through (the worst time of my life), I stuck to giving thanks and praise and it lead me through the dark and into the brightest part of my life and towards the most amazing people I've ever met in my life!


For All Mankind?


So I can't help but notice on a daily basis that the common courtesy of this world is almost nonexistent. People still do things that amaze me. People are now rude and have no respect for people's personal belongings. Also, the day and age of volunteering is pretty much out the window. People want to know what you can do for them and them only. Forget returning the favor. Forget doing things to better all mankind. Forget doing things to better the lives of citizens of the future.

Everyone seems to be wanting to live in the here and now. What will satisfy them, and them only, today, now, right this second, forget the consequences on the future.

Will any of these people ever wake up and realize? I'm talking on a large scale, from someone just being rude and blocking an intersection all the way up to someone purchasing a house knowing good and well they won't be able to make payments but don't care because they know the government will bail them out.

I fear to bring children into this world. I've questioned my mother at length on how she and my father raised myself along with my brother and sister in order to make sure we didn't turn out to be so rude.

What are your thoughts?


Fashion Show! Fashion Show! Fashion Show at Lunch!

I've been working on a blog recently that is a little political. I'm not quite done with it yet, so I figured I'd stick with a post that I feel comfortable with and LOOOVE writing about....FASHION! Recently I was thumbing through my Vogue (the new fall fashion edition to be exact, yes, you know, the beautiful fat one full of pretty much nothing but ads of all the latest and greatest the fashion world has to offer) and I stumbled across a "fashion week" article.


Naturally, I paused to read it, I've always wanted to attend a fashion week. It didn't even necessarily have to be in Paris, I would settle for New York. As I read on, I realized it was a fashion week that Vogue teamed up to do with The Bellevue Collection to do. Now, most New York or Paris fashion week goers would turn their noses up to the mere suggestion of attending such a fashion week, in Washington of all places! But, to me, this was a sign of opportunity. I would be able to attend without missing hardly any work, be able to get a small dose of experience that I've wanted for so long & of course, not break the bank account.

Tickets are available to the general public, they range in price of course. David Lawrence will be doing a show and also Michael Kors and True Religion will be showcased. I am SO excited about this!


Use Somebody

Everyday that goes by is a life lesson. I learn, I grow, I get a little softer and sensitive in some areas, while others I become hard and insensitive. It seems as though my entire life has been full of lessons instead of a great adventure like most people claim.