True Appreciation

I have come to realize the feeling of true appreciation. Not only the true appreciation of someone else, but when someone has honest and true appreciation of you and everything that you do.

I have always been the one to say thank you. I was taught it was rude to do anything otherwise. I remember being at a restaurant when I was about 18 or 19. It was just me and my sister and the waitress wasn't the best ever, but she was trying. That's all I ask for. She brought my sister a refill and my sister didn't say anything. I said "thank you" for her and the waitress walked away. I asked her "you don't say thank you?" She replied "it's her job." I let that thought sink in. It is somewhat ironic coming from my sister, since she was, in fact, a waitress herself. Had it been that she expected no thank you from her patrons or did she simply think that a job of that caliber was not worth being appreciative about?

Either way, as silly and pointless as that memory is, it still sticks with me. Everyone deserves a thank you every now and then. Whether it be for doing a small job, bringing a prompt refill, or all the way up to doing something on a larger scale, donating time or money to a charity, every kind act should be appreciated.

I have lost my way many times, quite a few times lately to be honest, and every time the same thing brings me back where I need to be. Remembering to be thankful, grateful and appreciative of every last minute I have been given. There were many times I thought I would not live. Car accidents, heart conditions, etc., etc. Every time I make it out okay and promise to myself to say please and thank you and make my appreciation known to anyone who has an impact on my life.

A recent discovery I have made with my current job, I am truly appreciated. My previous job ((I can honestly say was my worst job I've ever had and know for a fact that it always will be)) filled my head with random falsified appreciation, but never a true "thanks" for all the hard work I put in. There was much I did to go above and beyond what I was expected to do. I never asked for an extra penny, but a thanks or acknowledgment would have been nice. I continued until my very last day there, knowing I would never get that appreciation, but in my mind, I couldn't give up, I wouldn't be me if I didn't keep giving 110%.

I still think that is why I was blessed with my current job. All my hard work paid off and I was given co-workers and a boss that truly understand that I am in 110%. It has made me more verbal about my appreciation for others and I have noticed that it has made a difference in the people around me.

Anyways, I guess the whole point of this post is, in the darkest time that I was going through (the worst time of my life), I stuck to giving thanks and praise and it lead me through the dark and into the brightest part of my life and towards the most amazing people I've ever met in my life!

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