For All Mankind?


So I can't help but notice on a daily basis that the common courtesy of this world is almost nonexistent. People still do things that amaze me. People are now rude and have no respect for people's personal belongings. Also, the day and age of volunteering is pretty much out the window. People want to know what you can do for them and them only. Forget returning the favor. Forget doing things to better all mankind. Forget doing things to better the lives of citizens of the future.

Everyone seems to be wanting to live in the here and now. What will satisfy them, and them only, today, now, right this second, forget the consequences on the future.

Will any of these people ever wake up and realize? I'm talking on a large scale, from someone just being rude and blocking an intersection all the way up to someone purchasing a house knowing good and well they won't be able to make payments but don't care because they know the government will bail them out.

I fear to bring children into this world. I've questioned my mother at length on how she and my father raised myself along with my brother and sister in order to make sure we didn't turn out to be so rude.

What are your thoughts?


lifechick said...

All you can control is what you do, and how you choose to live your life. Hopefully, your kindness will inspire those around you to follow suit. If you do decide to bring children into the world one day, remember they'll at least have a good role model for a mom; maybe their kindness will rub off on those around them, and so on.

nonny said...

I think a lot of factors affect how people end up and sometimes it is their individual choice to be rude. the only thing we can do is inspire others to do good by being good. We should not be scared of bringing new life into this earth because of a few bad seed.