Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I sure did!

We checked out this romantic little Italian restaurant not too far from the house Friday night. It was fantastic! I love family owned, small restaurants. Saturday morning we took Buster to the dog park and he absolutely loved it. It was nice to see him able to socialize with other dogs and people. That night we went and checked out one of the "fun arcades" that is more geared to adults. It rated two thumbs down on our scale, so we will stick to the Main Event for now until we find something better. Then we went to see "All About Steve," which I wanted to see when it first came out. It was pretty funny, but in the end I was pretty sad. Wasn't what I was expecting I guess. Sunday was a pretty slow day. We went to watch the Rangers v. Rays (GOOOO RANGERS!). We had awesome tickets that we scored for free from one of the Majors. The seats were fantastic, except after the first inning we had to seek shelter, due to my pale complexion. haha. It was a blast either way. I loved it even more when I realized they kept popping up the score of the Yankees whipping the Red Sux. Fantastic! After the game we strolled past the great lake by the new cowboy stadium, took some great pictures and then headed home. Went grocery shopping then grabbed "Observe & Report" from the Red Box (I had convinced Rob to watch ghosts of a girlfriends past but they were all out of them). I cooked a nice dinner then we watched the movie. Surprisingly, again, some laughs, but it kind of made me sad at the end. What is up with the funny movies turning kind of sad at the end?

Anyways, all in all, a pretty great weekend. What about you guys? Do anything interesting?

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