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Everyday that goes by is a life lesson. I learn, I grow, I get a little softer and sensitive in some areas, while others I become hard and insensitive. It seems as though my entire life has been full of lessons instead of a great adventure like most people claim.

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krissy knox said...

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Hope this helps to get you more readers. I just wanted to help you, I wanted to "Pay It Forward," as there are so many who helped me when I started out blogging. All I ask you to do is do something small that is nice for someone else, perhaps help someone with their blogging somehow -- but don't pay ME! Let's just all pay it forward! Did you ever see the movie "Pay It Forward"? If not, watch it, it's good!

If you need any help w the above instructions you can email me. Just click on my blogger profile and you'll find my email addy on it, or find my email addy on my blog Sometimes I Think.

Oh, one more thing. In your post you stated "It seems as though my entire life has been full of lessons instead of a great adventure like most people claim."
To which I just wanted to say, "Isn't learning lessons in life THE great adventure, after all?" I love to learn. Learning is what it is all about, and I'll never get enough!

Hope I helped somehow today. God bless and good luck in your blogging...

krissy knox :)
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