Funny Friday: Ghosting & More

So, not too long ago Robert introduced me to Hamish & Andy, who I now believe are absolutely hilarious. I've been thinking about them a lot today, so I figured I'd post a video for my followers to give them a good Friday laugh. Also, there is a story attached to this as well.

It begins with watching this video:

Now, I laughed my butt off only because I thought about what I would do if I saw that in public, or if I would feel if someone were doing it to me. So after a good laugh, we headed off to the mall, of course! We parted ways as we always do and next thing you know, I came to a stop and was suddenly bumped by Robert. He had apparently been "ghosting" me for a while and I had absolutely no clue. I thought I'd be clever and try it on him, but I got the giggles any time I got close to him, so needless to say he knew I was there. I finally made it to Sephora and Robert took off to the game store, per our norm. He knew I'd be in there for quite some time so he knew better than to stay. After thirty minutes in the store, I had made my selections, waited in line and was helped by this cute asian girl. She was super sweet and somewhat talkative when she was ringing me up. All I know is she went silent and when I looked at her she had turned pale and had a horrified look on her face. I asked her "what? what's wrong?" and all she could say was "umm, umm" almost scared. Finally she whispered and pointed "behind you." I instantly knew it was Robert, BUT moral of the story, just because it is funny to you doesn't neccesarily mean it will be funny to someone else. lol. happy Friday everyone!

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