The Key to Happiness

It seems as though every time I turn around I hear about "the key to happiness" or "money won't buy you happiness" or some other clever saying about happiness. But what is happiness? Well, first I'd like to say, whoever said "money can't buy you happiness" isn't entirely correct. Where it is true that you cannot literally buy happiness, having the means to do the things that make you happy can't hurt!
I have learned over the past year or so that you make your own happiness. You don't have to always be in the best situation (whether it be financially, mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.), but if you have the determination to be happy, no one can take that away.
I have learned to live each day like it is your last. Don't put off the things you have been wanting to do, because let's be honest, who knows how long you will be around. I'm sure many of you are like me and have a never ending list of things you want to do, places you want to see, people you want to meet. It can all seem overwhelming if you take it in all at once, but just take a moment and prioritize and I promise you things will fall into place.
Make yourself happy. Wake up each morning and thank God (or whoever you pray to, depending on your religion) for letting you wake up, letting you take in the fresh air and exhale. I thank God every morning I wake up for my family and friends. For giving me the opportunity to make my life better. Then I smile. When you are in a bad mood, think of a funny joke, or a funny time with your friends and family and just laugh and/or smile. I promise you will feel a million times better than you did before.
I hope my positive attitude has rubbed off on you a bit. I'm trying to keep my positivity through to the New Year, no matter what it brings. Today I am especially thankful for giving me some time off of work to spend on a snow day in Fort Worth, especially for being able to spend it with my pup who LOOOVES the snow.


A Must See!

I usually try to get on here when I see/remember a really good and/or funny movie. I have a bubbly/giggly type personality so naturally I tend to be more attracted to watching funny movies rather than any other. So when "The Hangover" came out in the theater, I went to see it. It was HILARIOUS! Now don't get me wrong, there was some stupid humor in there that the movie probably could have done without BUT all in all, a pretty funny movie that I must recommend for someone in need of a good laugh :).....

HO-HO-HOME for the Holidays

..well okay maybe not all the holidays, but at least for Christmas. We were able to make it back home to visit for Christmas and all I can say is...wow! I am EXHAUSTED. I didn't get to spend nearly enough time with people, some people I didn't get to see at all. We missed lots and lots of snow here in Texas, but it was okay because when we came back we were welcomed back by large amounts of the remains. I also hear tomorrow we are in luck for more! I am EXCITED!

Anywho! I was asked by quite a few people how much weight I had lost. I felt like there was a difference and, of course, my pants falling down were a giveaway, but I didn't realize other people could actually see a difference. It was quite a surprise when I hoped on the scale at the gym, set it on a super high weight, which I thought would be close to my weight and had to keep going lower...and lower..and lower!! Then of course after my shock, I had to get hubby to do it for me, at which time it read the same as my original reading.

It seems like my efforts are finally paying off! I am getting into a healthy routine which effects my lifestyle in the long run and sticking with it. I couldn't be happier!


Work It Out!!


So I've been pushing myself pretty hard to get back on the ball and work out consistently. Last night was a pretty interesting experience. Before I get into the story, I'd like to announce that I have dropped 10 additional pounds and it seems to keep going and going.....Anyways, to the story....

As I sat on the ab machine in between reps, I noticed a very, unnaturally tanned blonde a few rows of machines ahead. Normally she wouldn't have caught my attention as it seems I'm almost always outnumbered by blondes in the gym. She was different though. She had the pounds of makeup on, of course, but what caught my eyes was glitter. She had a glitter covered hair time and a baseball cap that looked like a bedazzle machine threw up on it. This alone was enough to hold my attention for quite sometime. She apparently caught the gents in the gym's attention as well. I was a little curious though, she was no different than the other blondes, why here? It clearly wasn't because of the glitter/bedazzle fiasco was it? Then it happened, she turned around and within a second I knew why the fellows' eyes followed her everywhere she went. She had a beautiful pair of artificially enhanced breasts that looked as if they stood at attention for the gym. But, again, that didn't set her aside from most of the female gym inhabitants. How should I put this....either she was VERY excited...or very cold. It was the most blatant nipple showage ever. I was mortified for her, embarrassed and ashamed. She had to know didn't she?? Either way, I found myself having a hard time looking away at first. She pranced (yes, pranced) from machine to machine, the male population not taking their eyes off of her, when I realized "wow, she likes the attention." It was very obvious she knew what was going on and looked as if she were glowing from the stares.

Anyways, no point behind the story really, just thought it was pretty funny. But it does make me think, I wonder if I could ever be like that. Don't get me wrong, I can thrive if you throw me on the spot or stick me in the room with a million people I don't know and tell me to make friends. But I don't know if I would actually go out of my way to have people stare at me.

What about you guys?


An Endless Battle

I have always had weight issues...if it wasn't one extreme it was the other. I was a little chubby growing up and it seemed like the second I entered high school I had shot up in height and thinned out in width. One of my good friends at the time used to give me a hard time always asking if I had an eating disorder. It used to piss me off because I couldn't understand why she would even think that. Going into college I was still pretty thin, but over the years I added weight on slowly but surely. And now, as if by overnight, I realize how much I have put on by comparing pictures. I also realized that I did have an eating disorder in high school and just didn't realize it. I wouldn't eat unless I was hungry, which would leave me going without food sometimes for days. When I was hungry I would binge (never throwing up mind you!) then go another day or two or three without eating again simply because I wasn't hungry. Well, you may think it worked since I managed to stay skinny that whole time, but obviously not. I set myself up for a lifetime of bad eating habits.

Anyways, I feel like I am at the end of my struggle. I feel as though I have hit rock bottom. Most people would look at me and think I am just a little thick, which they are probably right. But when I look at myself in pictures or in the mirror I get sick to my stomach. The person I am looking at is not me, but myself in a fat suit. It is so utterly disturbing. Anyways, I have been making some drastic lifestyle changes and I am hoping they produce an end result that I am happy with and that I can continue with the rest of my life. I'll make sure to keep you guys posted on this front.


Monday Funny

Happy Monday!! I couldn't resist but post this video. For those of you who are not Twilight Saga freaks like me and many others, the guy that is playing the girl who is "Team Edward" actually plays Jacob in the movies. He does in fact have an oscar winning bod. yummy! anyways, enjoy!


The Key to Happiness

As I have been reminded, it seems more and more lately during the Christmas season, cherish every moment. I always kept that thought at the back of my mind, but don't think I ever fully appreciated the power of such a simple yet life changing statement.

I was finally able to land a job in Texas after it seems like I had given up. I had given up on my marriage, my family and essentially my life. I didn't want to try anymore. And it seems as if by the power of God (well not seems, it was totally God), I was given a second chance. I was able to land an awesome job in the city that pays pretty well, the people are fantastic and I was given a second chance to make everything work with hubby. Even still at that moment, I was appreciated everything but don't think that I fully CHERISHED everything in my life.

For some reason, it all became clear to me yesterday, out of no where. Wow, this is my life. This isn't something I'm watching on tv or from someone else's perspective. I have a wonderful husband who has, for reasons unknown to me, decided to stand by me and all of my craziness in my life. I have a wonderful family that, even though they drive me absolutely insane sometimes, are the biggest part of my life. I have wonderful co-workers that make my day go by so much quicker, even if it just having a good conversation over our home-brought lunches in the conference room. And, finally, our new friends that we have made. I've always been able to make friends pretty quickly, but it is once in a blue moon that I am able to find people that I am able to be completely myself around and that I totally click with. I have found that here and I'm so grateful for that. I'm not scared to stay alone anymore when hubby goes out of town every now and then because we live in a safe neighborhood (okay minus the creepy ghosts/or whatever that are living in this house).

So yea, I have A LOT to be grateful for and I'm kicking myself for not waking up sooner and realizing this and being appreciative.


Have a Holly Jolly....Christmas??


So, for some reason this year I'm not much in the Christmas spirit, which, to be quite honest, is pretty strange for someone in my family. Last Christmas was the first Christmas we celebrated since the passing of my Papa (grandfather). He was the person I was the closest to in my family (as my early followers may already know). Christmas came and went in a total blur last year. This year is my first year away from my family celebrating Christmas. Now of course, I'm going to visit for Christmas, but I'm not living in the same area, so all the little pre-Christmas traditions I used to be a part of are no more.

Anyways, basically what I was hoping for from my followers and of course, maybe some passers through, are some traditions that you guys do during Christmas, that might be easy for me and hubby to try. We are going to our first "ugly sweater" party this weekend so that should be fun, but I'm looking for something different and an easy tradition for the two of us to carry on by ourselves, include friends if they want, and eventually, a few years down the line, to do with our children.


De-Stress for Less!


I grew up in a modest household, with modest parents & a pretty modest life. We didn't live in luxury but at the same time, we never went without (I've recently learned apparently that makes you "poor" in some people's eyes, not being handed everything on a silver platter). Anyways, it was not until later on in life when I had my income and hardly any bills to pay, that I discovered things like name brand clothing, and more importantly, the spa. You see, it never really was a big deal that I was never pampered, manicured and massaged on a monthly basis, UNTIL I discovered it was out there.

My first full taste of pampering came when I was given a gift package, from hubby of course, to a very popular Spa in the area. It was good for a mani/pedi, facial, massage and other girlie galore! I had my nails and feet done a few times before, but never a full day at the spa. I have to say, it was the best experience in my life! But let's wake up and be honest, times are tough right now and I don't think anyone really has the time OR money to spend on days at the spa every couple of weeks or so.

SO, naturally when I came across an article in the Weight Watchers (September/October 2009) Edition, it caught my interest. "Bliss Out for Less." Anyways, I figured I would pass some of the tips along to you guys and see how they work out for you as well as myself!

(1) Fill one bowl with cold water and ice, another with warm water. Plunge your hands into the cold water for 90 seconds, then into the warm for 90 seconds. Repeat 5 times then dry and moisturize hands

(2) Take a tennis ball and, while seated, roll it over the sole of each foot ten times. You can also lie on the ground and place the ball under your neck or upper back and roll up and down over the ball. Focus on tense or sore muscles

(3) Gaze at a point straight ahead of you and focus on it. Breathe through the nose and inhale while counting to four, pause then exhale while counting to four. Repeat a few times.

There are many, many more "spa" like tricks in the magazine, definitely worth checking out!