The Key to Happiness

As I have been reminded, it seems more and more lately during the Christmas season, cherish every moment. I always kept that thought at the back of my mind, but don't think I ever fully appreciated the power of such a simple yet life changing statement.

I was finally able to land a job in Texas after it seems like I had given up. I had given up on my marriage, my family and essentially my life. I didn't want to try anymore. And it seems as if by the power of God (well not seems, it was totally God), I was given a second chance. I was able to land an awesome job in the city that pays pretty well, the people are fantastic and I was given a second chance to make everything work with hubby. Even still at that moment, I was appreciated everything but don't think that I fully CHERISHED everything in my life.

For some reason, it all became clear to me yesterday, out of no where. Wow, this is my life. This isn't something I'm watching on tv or from someone else's perspective. I have a wonderful husband who has, for reasons unknown to me, decided to stand by me and all of my craziness in my life. I have a wonderful family that, even though they drive me absolutely insane sometimes, are the biggest part of my life. I have wonderful co-workers that make my day go by so much quicker, even if it just having a good conversation over our home-brought lunches in the conference room. And, finally, our new friends that we have made. I've always been able to make friends pretty quickly, but it is once in a blue moon that I am able to find people that I am able to be completely myself around and that I totally click with. I have found that here and I'm so grateful for that. I'm not scared to stay alone anymore when hubby goes out of town every now and then because we live in a safe neighborhood (okay minus the creepy ghosts/or whatever that are living in this house).

So yea, I have A LOT to be grateful for and I'm kicking myself for not waking up sooner and realizing this and being appreciative.

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Tami G said...

that is soooooo Awesome girl!
GOD is GOOD!!!
have you read my 3 part series on the man I recently met... and fell in love with?!!
all I'm sayin is... GOD IS GOOD!