De-Stress for Less!


I grew up in a modest household, with modest parents & a pretty modest life. We didn't live in luxury but at the same time, we never went without (I've recently learned apparently that makes you "poor" in some people's eyes, not being handed everything on a silver platter). Anyways, it was not until later on in life when I had my income and hardly any bills to pay, that I discovered things like name brand clothing, and more importantly, the spa. You see, it never really was a big deal that I was never pampered, manicured and massaged on a monthly basis, UNTIL I discovered it was out there.

My first full taste of pampering came when I was given a gift package, from hubby of course, to a very popular Spa in the area. It was good for a mani/pedi, facial, massage and other girlie galore! I had my nails and feet done a few times before, but never a full day at the spa. I have to say, it was the best experience in my life! But let's wake up and be honest, times are tough right now and I don't think anyone really has the time OR money to spend on days at the spa every couple of weeks or so.

SO, naturally when I came across an article in the Weight Watchers (September/October 2009) Edition, it caught my interest. "Bliss Out for Less." Anyways, I figured I would pass some of the tips along to you guys and see how they work out for you as well as myself!

(1) Fill one bowl with cold water and ice, another with warm water. Plunge your hands into the cold water for 90 seconds, then into the warm for 90 seconds. Repeat 5 times then dry and moisturize hands

(2) Take a tennis ball and, while seated, roll it over the sole of each foot ten times. You can also lie on the ground and place the ball under your neck or upper back and roll up and down over the ball. Focus on tense or sore muscles

(3) Gaze at a point straight ahead of you and focus on it. Breathe through the nose and inhale while counting to four, pause then exhale while counting to four. Repeat a few times.

There are many, many more "spa" like tricks in the magazine, definitely worth checking out!

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