Have a Holly Jolly....Christmas??


So, for some reason this year I'm not much in the Christmas spirit, which, to be quite honest, is pretty strange for someone in my family. Last Christmas was the first Christmas we celebrated since the passing of my Papa (grandfather). He was the person I was the closest to in my family (as my early followers may already know). Christmas came and went in a total blur last year. This year is my first year away from my family celebrating Christmas. Now of course, I'm going to visit for Christmas, but I'm not living in the same area, so all the little pre-Christmas traditions I used to be a part of are no more.

Anyways, basically what I was hoping for from my followers and of course, maybe some passers through, are some traditions that you guys do during Christmas, that might be easy for me and hubby to try. We are going to our first "ugly sweater" party this weekend so that should be fun, but I'm looking for something different and an easy tradition for the two of us to carry on by ourselves, include friends if they want, and eventually, a few years down the line, to do with our children.


Kate said...

In my family we have the mulled wine tasting night. It always tastes fine and basically involves us watching terrible christmas music while drinking loads of mulled wine and eating as many gingerbread men as possible!

Kate xx

MsBurb said...

When my husband and I first were together, we used to go outside and have a huge snowball fight, mano-a-mano, which of course, from my end was enduring his missile like projectiles from Hell, while I threw like a girl afflicted with the giggles...

...then, we come back in, spent and snow flecked and stir up some hot muled cider, light a fire and cuddle...

It wasn't splashy, nor expensive but it did the trick for us...and it's a memory I carry every year now that he has passed...

It'll be the small things you remember, trust me!

Have a wonderful time together and cherish every moment while you have it!

I wish you nothing but the Best!


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There's always a million reasons not to do something said...

Kate- that sounds like a fun friend event!

MsBurb- that sounds like the best tradition ever. you gave me goosebumps. You are a very inspiring person!

Tanya said...

Hi! First of all, I just discovered your blog and I love the style of your writing and the layout of your blog. Christmas is one of my absolute favorite holidays and I know exactly what it is like when some years it just isn't all I expect it to be. That said, here are some thoughts!

1. One thing I look forward to every year is the cookie party that is hosted at my friends house. All it really involves is turning on the oven to the right temperature and putting out some dough, frosting, and cookie cutters for people. Everyone just ends up chatting and enjoying the baked goods :)

2. This is more something that my parents do but they really loves it... about a week or so before Christmas they go out to the mall, just the two of them, and buy almost all of their gifts for the season and then end the day with a nice dinner at a restaurant they both like. It's just a nice way for them to spend some time together and get in the holiday mindset!

3. Advent: it's a little bit late to start this but this is one of my favorite ways to get in the Christmas mood. You may be familiar with it but if not: You buy a wreath for the dining table and four candles (3 pink and one purple). Every Sunday starting four Sundays before Christmas you light one candle around the wreath and end with the purple one the week right before Christmas. On each Sunday, you pick a special meal that you both enjoy a lot and make a little event of it.

Okay so that was a lot of stuff but I really love Christmas and think that everyone should be in a happy mood this time of year!!