The Key to Happiness

It seems as though every time I turn around I hear about "the key to happiness" or "money won't buy you happiness" or some other clever saying about happiness. But what is happiness? Well, first I'd like to say, whoever said "money can't buy you happiness" isn't entirely correct. Where it is true that you cannot literally buy happiness, having the means to do the things that make you happy can't hurt!
I have learned over the past year or so that you make your own happiness. You don't have to always be in the best situation (whether it be financially, mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.), but if you have the determination to be happy, no one can take that away.
I have learned to live each day like it is your last. Don't put off the things you have been wanting to do, because let's be honest, who knows how long you will be around. I'm sure many of you are like me and have a never ending list of things you want to do, places you want to see, people you want to meet. It can all seem overwhelming if you take it in all at once, but just take a moment and prioritize and I promise you things will fall into place.
Make yourself happy. Wake up each morning and thank God (or whoever you pray to, depending on your religion) for letting you wake up, letting you take in the fresh air and exhale. I thank God every morning I wake up for my family and friends. For giving me the opportunity to make my life better. Then I smile. When you are in a bad mood, think of a funny joke, or a funny time with your friends and family and just laugh and/or smile. I promise you will feel a million times better than you did before.
I hope my positive attitude has rubbed off on you a bit. I'm trying to keep my positivity through to the New Year, no matter what it brings. Today I am especially thankful for giving me some time off of work to spend on a snow day in Fort Worth, especially for being able to spend it with my pup who LOOOVES the snow.


A Must See!

I usually try to get on here when I see/remember a really good and/or funny movie. I have a bubbly/giggly type personality so naturally I tend to be more attracted to watching funny movies rather than any other. So when "The Hangover" came out in the theater, I went to see it. It was HILARIOUS! Now don't get me wrong, there was some stupid humor in there that the movie probably could have done without BUT all in all, a pretty funny movie that I must recommend for someone in need of a good laugh :).....

HO-HO-HOME for the Holidays

..well okay maybe not all the holidays, but at least for Christmas. We were able to make it back home to visit for Christmas and all I can say is...wow! I am EXHAUSTED. I didn't get to spend nearly enough time with people, some people I didn't get to see at all. We missed lots and lots of snow here in Texas, but it was okay because when we came back we were welcomed back by large amounts of the remains. I also hear tomorrow we are in luck for more! I am EXCITED!

Anywho! I was asked by quite a few people how much weight I had lost. I felt like there was a difference and, of course, my pants falling down were a giveaway, but I didn't realize other people could actually see a difference. It was quite a surprise when I hoped on the scale at the gym, set it on a super high weight, which I thought would be close to my weight and had to keep going lower...and lower..and lower!! Then of course after my shock, I had to get hubby to do it for me, at which time it read the same as my original reading.

It seems like my efforts are finally paying off! I am getting into a healthy routine which effects my lifestyle in the long run and sticking with it. I couldn't be happier!


Work It Out!!


So I've been pushing myself pretty hard to get back on the ball and work out consistently. Last night was a pretty interesting experience. Before I get into the story, I'd like to announce that I have dropped 10 additional pounds and it seems to keep going and going.....Anyways, to the story....

As I sat on the ab machine in between reps, I noticed a very, unnaturally tanned blonde a few rows of machines ahead. Normally she wouldn't have caught my attention as it seems I'm almost always outnumbered by blondes in the gym. She was different though. She had the pounds of makeup on, of course, but what caught my eyes was glitter. She had a glitter covered hair time and a baseball cap that looked like a bedazzle machine threw up on it. This alone was enough to hold my attention for quite sometime. She apparently caught the gents in the gym's attention as well. I was a little curious though, she was no different than the other blondes, why here? It clearly wasn't because of the glitter/bedazzle fiasco was it? Then it happened, she turned around and within a second I knew why the fellows' eyes followed her everywhere she went. She had a beautiful pair of artificially enhanced breasts that looked as if they stood at attention for the gym. But, again, that didn't set her aside from most of the female gym inhabitants. How should I put this....either she was VERY excited...or very cold. It was the most blatant nipple showage ever. I was mortified for her, embarrassed and ashamed. She had to know didn't she?? Either way, I found myself having a hard time looking away at first. She pranced (yes, pranced) from machine to machine, the male population not taking their eyes off of her, when I realized "wow, she likes the attention." It was very obvious she knew what was going on and looked as if she were glowing from the stares.

Anyways, no point behind the story really, just thought it was pretty funny. But it does make me think, I wonder if I could ever be like that. Don't get me wrong, I can thrive if you throw me on the spot or stick me in the room with a million people I don't know and tell me to make friends. But I don't know if I would actually go out of my way to have people stare at me.

What about you guys?


An Endless Battle

I have always had weight issues...if it wasn't one extreme it was the other. I was a little chubby growing up and it seemed like the second I entered high school I had shot up in height and thinned out in width. One of my good friends at the time used to give me a hard time always asking if I had an eating disorder. It used to piss me off because I couldn't understand why she would even think that. Going into college I was still pretty thin, but over the years I added weight on slowly but surely. And now, as if by overnight, I realize how much I have put on by comparing pictures. I also realized that I did have an eating disorder in high school and just didn't realize it. I wouldn't eat unless I was hungry, which would leave me going without food sometimes for days. When I was hungry I would binge (never throwing up mind you!) then go another day or two or three without eating again simply because I wasn't hungry. Well, you may think it worked since I managed to stay skinny that whole time, but obviously not. I set myself up for a lifetime of bad eating habits.

Anyways, I feel like I am at the end of my struggle. I feel as though I have hit rock bottom. Most people would look at me and think I am just a little thick, which they are probably right. But when I look at myself in pictures or in the mirror I get sick to my stomach. The person I am looking at is not me, but myself in a fat suit. It is so utterly disturbing. Anyways, I have been making some drastic lifestyle changes and I am hoping they produce an end result that I am happy with and that I can continue with the rest of my life. I'll make sure to keep you guys posted on this front.


Monday Funny

Happy Monday!! I couldn't resist but post this video. For those of you who are not Twilight Saga freaks like me and many others, the guy that is playing the girl who is "Team Edward" actually plays Jacob in the movies. He does in fact have an oscar winning bod. yummy! anyways, enjoy!


The Key to Happiness

As I have been reminded, it seems more and more lately during the Christmas season, cherish every moment. I always kept that thought at the back of my mind, but don't think I ever fully appreciated the power of such a simple yet life changing statement.

I was finally able to land a job in Texas after it seems like I had given up. I had given up on my marriage, my family and essentially my life. I didn't want to try anymore. And it seems as if by the power of God (well not seems, it was totally God), I was given a second chance. I was able to land an awesome job in the city that pays pretty well, the people are fantastic and I was given a second chance to make everything work with hubby. Even still at that moment, I was appreciated everything but don't think that I fully CHERISHED everything in my life.

For some reason, it all became clear to me yesterday, out of no where. Wow, this is my life. This isn't something I'm watching on tv or from someone else's perspective. I have a wonderful husband who has, for reasons unknown to me, decided to stand by me and all of my craziness in my life. I have a wonderful family that, even though they drive me absolutely insane sometimes, are the biggest part of my life. I have wonderful co-workers that make my day go by so much quicker, even if it just having a good conversation over our home-brought lunches in the conference room. And, finally, our new friends that we have made. I've always been able to make friends pretty quickly, but it is once in a blue moon that I am able to find people that I am able to be completely myself around and that I totally click with. I have found that here and I'm so grateful for that. I'm not scared to stay alone anymore when hubby goes out of town every now and then because we live in a safe neighborhood (okay minus the creepy ghosts/or whatever that are living in this house).

So yea, I have A LOT to be grateful for and I'm kicking myself for not waking up sooner and realizing this and being appreciative.


Have a Holly Jolly....Christmas??


So, for some reason this year I'm not much in the Christmas spirit, which, to be quite honest, is pretty strange for someone in my family. Last Christmas was the first Christmas we celebrated since the passing of my Papa (grandfather). He was the person I was the closest to in my family (as my early followers may already know). Christmas came and went in a total blur last year. This year is my first year away from my family celebrating Christmas. Now of course, I'm going to visit for Christmas, but I'm not living in the same area, so all the little pre-Christmas traditions I used to be a part of are no more.

Anyways, basically what I was hoping for from my followers and of course, maybe some passers through, are some traditions that you guys do during Christmas, that might be easy for me and hubby to try. We are going to our first "ugly sweater" party this weekend so that should be fun, but I'm looking for something different and an easy tradition for the two of us to carry on by ourselves, include friends if they want, and eventually, a few years down the line, to do with our children.


De-Stress for Less!


I grew up in a modest household, with modest parents & a pretty modest life. We didn't live in luxury but at the same time, we never went without (I've recently learned apparently that makes you "poor" in some people's eyes, not being handed everything on a silver platter). Anyways, it was not until later on in life when I had my income and hardly any bills to pay, that I discovered things like name brand clothing, and more importantly, the spa. You see, it never really was a big deal that I was never pampered, manicured and massaged on a monthly basis, UNTIL I discovered it was out there.

My first full taste of pampering came when I was given a gift package, from hubby of course, to a very popular Spa in the area. It was good for a mani/pedi, facial, massage and other girlie galore! I had my nails and feet done a few times before, but never a full day at the spa. I have to say, it was the best experience in my life! But let's wake up and be honest, times are tough right now and I don't think anyone really has the time OR money to spend on days at the spa every couple of weeks or so.

SO, naturally when I came across an article in the Weight Watchers (September/October 2009) Edition, it caught my interest. "Bliss Out for Less." Anyways, I figured I would pass some of the tips along to you guys and see how they work out for you as well as myself!

(1) Fill one bowl with cold water and ice, another with warm water. Plunge your hands into the cold water for 90 seconds, then into the warm for 90 seconds. Repeat 5 times then dry and moisturize hands

(2) Take a tennis ball and, while seated, roll it over the sole of each foot ten times. You can also lie on the ground and place the ball under your neck or upper back and roll up and down over the ball. Focus on tense or sore muscles

(3) Gaze at a point straight ahead of you and focus on it. Breathe through the nose and inhale while counting to four, pause then exhale while counting to four. Repeat a few times.

There are many, many more "spa" like tricks in the magazine, definitely worth checking out!


A Lesson on Movie Etiquette


While visiting family in New Orleans for Thanksgiving I was able to score tickets to see "Boondock Saints II" which is in limited showing in the U.S. I was so excited, I could barely contain myself. The group I went with arrived about an hour early, just to scope out the perfect section. We seated ourselves and chatted for a while as the theater was empty. It began slowly filling as the showtime crept closer.

At some point, three younger guys come in being loud and obnoxious. We are seated three rows from the top, off center. They decide to sit directly behind us because, as one of them yelled to the other "that row be to high." ugh, I roll my eyes and feel my blood pressure rise a little. No worries, blow them off, let them talk themselves out before the previews and movie begin. A few minutes later, one of the guys leaves the other two to find the rest of their party, 'great' I thought to myself 'all we need is more annoying people right behind us.' A few minutes later the other two follow. Hmmm, maybe they entered the wrong theater and just realized it. That was a close one!

The theater fills up almost completely, a couple empty seats next to me, just like I like it and a few down the row. The lights begin to dim, but just before they are turned off completely, I see a group of 5 enter the theater. It is the infamous loud group from earlier. The original one yells at the other two for leaving and losing their seats and throws himself on the seat next to me. Another takes a seat at his side and the other three push their way through the aisle, kicking me as the go. Assholes! No excuse me, no apologies, they own this theater apparently & just forgot to inform everyone.

The previews begin, many movies I may have been interested in, would I have been given the chance to listen to the plot line, but of course, I was not afforded this opportunity due to my new neighbors banging on about their shitty seats. It takes much effort on my end to keep my temper. I've been known to have anger problems and a very short temper. I don't want to embarass the people I am with, but if this continues much longer, I know I won't have a choice. The lights completely turn off and the movie begins. I ignore them for a split second as the excitement explodes within me, yes! finally!! The excitement is quickly burst with the conversation next to me. I decide to say "movies starting" ((maybe they didn't notice?)). They continued talking so I repeat myself, this time a little louder. Still, nothing. Finally the man in front of them has had enough. He turns arounds and asks "Are you guys going to talk during the whole F*king movie?!". I have to admit, it was very difficult for me to try to hold in my laughter so I didn't and let it slip out. This was followed by many threats of him "popping off on all of us" so on and so forth.

Anyways, moral of the story, if you are paying $10 to see a movie and want to talk through the whole thing, please expect to be yelled at and/or have the crap beat out of you :) Learn your movie etiquette & mind your manners for your own sake!

P.S. Boondock Saints II was actually greater than I imagined it would be. The boys looked almost as great as they did ten years ago and still made my heart skip a beat everytime they appeared on screen! ::sigh::

Hamill vs. Bisping: An Oldie

So I was thinking about the UFC fight from LAST weekend & it reminded me of this fight. I couldn't find the video of the actual fight, but I was able to get a hold to the decision. For those of you who watched the fight, it was VERY clear that Hamill should have walked away with the decision here, but for some reason they gave it to Bisping...one of the many things that made me strongly dislike this d bag. Anyways, for those of you who don't know, Matt Hamill is an extraordinary MMA fighter, who also happens to be deaf. He is amazing to watch fight & I am definitely a fan of his.



Happy Tuesday to everyone!! I know I have been a horrible, horrible blogger lately. I have been so tied up with life in general that I have not kept up with my duty of blogging. Hopefully I will be able to get back on track shortly and get you guys up to speed on everything.


Anyways, last night after I cleaned up the house, as always, I curled up in bed and grabbed my new issue of Shape magazine (normally I go for my Cosmo..Glamour or Vogue, but wanted to read something different). Jenna Fischer is on the front cover looking cute as always. I glance at the cover as I always do to cheat and get a sneak peek of what is within. Just as I was about to flip to the front page, the word "germaphobe" caught my eye. Naturally I flipped to the page that was next to it and began reading this woman's story. I will spare ALL of the details, honestly because it kind of made me ill to the tummy. The woman sounded a lot like me, maybe a little bit more extreme actually, taking every measure to avoid and/or destroy germs surrounding her. She took swabs from everyday items she touched but thought she protected herself from & had a doctor study them over a period of time.

Well, long article short, some pretty disturbing things were discovered. Vaginal and rectal yeast on the elevator buttons she touched everyday, fecal matter on just about everything that she came into contact with and swabbed. Large amounts of fecal matter on the children's' jungle gym at the park, but the most disturbing, her kitchen counter top. This lady is a vegetarian so had no change of raw meat contamination. The end result to the study of the secretly dirty counter top, her sponge. Where she thought it was clean, it was actually full of germs.

So, where do I leave you, besides with disgusting thoughts and probably the need to wash your hands a million times after reading this as I did? Well, I will pass along a couple of the tips I gathered from the article. You can always go pick up a copy and read the full article.

Tip #1: ALWAYS wash your hands after using the bathroom (duh!). You should lather your hands for at least 20-30 seconds and rinse with warm water. You should sing the "happy birthday" song at least twice during this process in order to assure you have killed all the germs. Make sure to pay attention to under your finger nails. When grabbing the paper towel to dry your hands (germs LOVE wet surfaces so make sure to dry thoroughly) use the paper towel to turn off the faucet and open the door to exit the restroom.

Tip #2: If someone sneezes by you, walk diagonally away from the sneeze. Also, the myth about holding your breath....not a myth at all! It takes a certain amount of germs to get you sick, so by you holding your breath and potentially keeping out so many germs, you can actually avoid getting sick! Crazy!

Tip #3: Counter tops should be sprayed or wiped down with Clorox or other anti-bacterial substances BEFORE AND AFTER meal preparations (yes, not just after!) in order to keep from contamination.

Tip #4: Use separate cutting boards for different types of foods (this is a given but still thought I'd mention it). You shouldn't use the same chopping board for meat as you do for your veggies.

Tip #5: Last but certainly not least, to keep your sponge from becoming a breading ground for all the nastiness, after each use, still in a bowl of water and place in the microwave for two minutes.

If any of you guys have any nifty tips for us germaphobes, please share!


Meeting Ross Perot


So everyone has exciting stories about famous people they have met throughout their life. Hubby has a friend that seems to run into famous people every time he turns around, snaps pictures with them on his cell and sends them to him. I have never been that fortunate. I've gotten close to a few "famous" wrestlers, but none that really caught my interest.

So, as my followers know, the Marine Corps Birthday Ball was this past weekend. It was the 234th Birthday, so it was even more special since hubby is with VGMR 234. They decided to break away and have their own ball with their own special guest speaker, Mr. Ross Perot. I won't go into too much detail about meeting him, only to say he was one of the cutest, soft spoken, old man I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I'm happy to say I have now met someone "famous" and can't wait until my next encounter with someone as well known as him. Hey, Sarah Palin will be here shortly, maybe I'll snap a photo with her?!


Funny Friday

Happy Friday!!! I always like to post funny videos because it just suits my personality for the most part. So today should be no different than the others, right?! Right! Here you go. This came on me & hubby's radar last night after watching Tosh.O (a new show on comedy central where they basically find a bunch of funny videos off the internet). Anyways, I know it really isn't that funny at all, but for some reason last night it tickled me so much that hubby looked it up on youtube and played it over and over for me until I was in tears and my abs hurt. Most of you won't think it is THAT funny, but either way, still funny. Enjoy & happy Friday!!!


To All of Our Fallen Ones & The Brave Who Are Still Standing...

Happy Veterans Day! Today is a day where we hold all of our military personnel above all others. They don't ask for much, so isn't it the least that we can do? Try to keep in your mind and heart all of those who have given their life for our freedom. All of those who stay up for days on end just so that we may sleep peacefully. All of those who missed seeing their first child born, missed important holidays and other occasions. All of those who have watched their brothers die. All of those who have looked the devil in the face and haven't given up.

You don't have to know anyone in the military to celebrate this day. Keep them in your mind and prayers with everything you do today. Being able to grab and coffee, pick up a magazine, sit and relax for a few minutes would be a luxury for many of those fighting overseas.

I will love and support our troops until the day I die. Happy Veterans Day and too all those devil dogs out there, Semper Fi!



So this is evolution??

I was sent this clip a while back and it still sticks in my head. I recently picked up my November Cosmo (I have a million laying around the house waiting to be read as I have a subscription) to flip through it. I noticed a picture of a beautiful woman. I noticed that she had a little thick thighs, but then I gasped *what is this?!* she has a little bit of a tummy pouch. Very little, let me make that perfectly clear, but a little tummy fat nonetheless. I was surprised and overwhelmed with happiness. They were praised by posting this picture in a previous month so they snapped a few more of full figured women. It was absolutely stunning & gave me encouragement that maybe, just maybe, normal figured and sized ladies still have a shot. Don't get me wrong, I have been losing weight, BUT there will come a point and time that I will be at my smallest, and my smallest will still not meet the previous "stick figure" beauty that has been upheld for the longest.

Anyways, seeing the article reminded me of this little video and I wanted to pass it along, especially for any of you young bloggers out there or ones with younger kids. It's good to pass it on :)

I'm baaaccckk!

So I managed to survive the drive to and from New Orleans. I also managed to survive the Marine Corps Birthday Ball yet another year. That is always an adventure in itself. I will post pictures and an update of all of the happenings and stories from the past few days. Until then, enjoy the below video. It made me laugh as I am such a Twilight sage freak, but I still love when people poke fun at it.

Update soon I promise!


Eye Candy

Happy Thursday everyone!!! Today is like my Friday since I have taken Friday and Monday off to travel home to spend time with family and friends and, of course, to hit up the Marine Corps Birthday Ball!!!

Anyways, while getting my nails done last night, the boy that worked at the shop turned on G.I. Joe. I hadn't seen it because hubby said it wasn't that great, so I figured why waste my time that wouldn't live up to my expectations. Well, little did I know that one of my all time favorite hunky actors, Brendan Fraser, was in it! God, he is such a sexy older man. Anyways, I figured today I would dedicate a post to him and all of his hunkiness. Enjoy ladies!!





Another funny....kind of

So I know that everyone has probably been on both sides of situations like this. There are times where you are part of the "inside joke" and something so STUPID sounds hilarious and you can't stop laughing no matter what. There are other times when you are on the outside looking in and just think "man these people are crazy!" lol WELL for the most part, every time my hubby and myself are around other people, we begin talking in quotes or inside jokes unintentionally. We have been told before that we have our own language that other people can't understand. Now I know how silly/crazy we must look to other people!


Tuesday Funny Section

So I realize that I have probably let some of my followers down by not blogging about anything of important, but I simply can't help it. I randomly have great ideas & by the time I have a minute to blog they are long gone. Anyways, life has been extremely hectic lately, but I like it and probably wouldn't want it any other way. I still find time to laugh. Laughter seems to calm any mood. I am grateful for having the life that I have and all the people that I have in it. I'm hoping to spread the positive and laughter. So, throughout the day today, I'm going to try my best to post random funny clips from movies/TV shows that I just remember & that make me laugh. So enjoy :) Happy Tuesday!


Where have I been?!

I have been more reflective and, of course, crazy busy more so than normal lately. I realized I haven't blogged in a while & certainly the later of my blogs have not been about anything of the import or interest. So I am promising to be better and blog about more interesting things. I PROMISE! For now though, I wanted to post a clip from one of my all time favorite movies. I watched it again this weekend because, to be honest, I can't watch it enough. Hilarious. For any of you that haven't seen Wedding Crashers yet, you HAVE to go make this purchase, it is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while. Enjoy!


Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day everyone!! I am in a great mood today. I found my dress for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball last night. It is so beautiful and it looks amazing on me! It was the true test to see if my hard work, diet and exercise had paid off yet, and it certainly has! I know I will not be in perfect shape for the Ball but I know I will definitely be there for the holidays and that makes me feel wonderful.

Anyways, here is a funny for you this Wednesday. I am hoping to do a Rule 5 later, since I think it will be fitting for hump day. Until then, enjoy this video clip from The Office. Watch until the very end.


Work It Girl!


Okay, so as many of my original followers know, I am on a mission of completing a "life list" or "bucket list," if you will. (If you have no clue what I'm talking about, click here)

Anywho, one of my main goals is to not only drop a lot of weight and get tone, but basically change my lifestyle when it comes to consumption. I have recently realized that within the past few years I've become a little "thicker" for lack of a better term. I've been saying I'll exercise, this and that, and usually do, but I never made an attempt to make an overall change with my life.

So, I purchased a personal trainer at my gym (I originally had hubby helping only to call it quits after a week when I began seeing Marine like muscles, not fitting for a girl and another guy at the gym who liked to assist but not really what I was looking for). I decided on a girl figuring she would be a little more understanding to the female form. I also figured I would be more comfortable with a female & man was I right! She kicked my butt in an hour's time but not only did I feel like I got a great work out, I feel like she helped me in the areas that I needed it the most. She helped me set specific goals and helped with timelines of when I should see results.

For the first time in my life, I feel like I may be moving in the right direction. I have given up soft drinks all together and have actually decided to stop drinking coffee. I don't really want to put unnecessary things in my body any more. They are really pointless. I think my new motto will be "if it doesn't help my body, it's not going in my mouth." Hopefully this will work out for the best, so far so good. I was able to lose 10 pounds before meeting with my personal trainer, now I feel like I can do anything! Also, it helps to have motivating people like this around to read about similar struggles and gym adventures. ((Shout out to Tami G, a cute Kentucky blogger, keep up the great work girl!))

I am anxious and hopeful to see results. Who knows, if I see a great improvement, maybe I'll get as brave as Tami and post some before and after pictures? We will see!


The Stripper & My Mother Wear the Same Perfume...

Being born & raised in New Orleans had many advantages. One of the best advantages was being so close to the French Quarter/Bourbon Street. So whenever things got stressful or you simply got bored, you would literally be a few minutes from an all night party any day of the week.

For a while, hubby & our really good friend liked to frequent Bourbon Street every weekend. For the booze, excitement and of course, the boobies. Now before you guys freak out, I'm not a lesbian. I just don't mind seeing the female form. Completely nude would probably be different, but I like boobs (thank goodness I have my own to look at! lol).

Anyways, for a while we would go to Rick's Cab, mainly because I made friends with some of the girls there. The atmosphere was great and, surprisingly, it was one of the cleanest places down there.

One evening in particular, I remember walking out of the bathroom and one of the strippers following behind me and saying "cute shoes!" ((they were very cute shoes, one of my favorites!)) I turned around and said thanks and thought that would be it. She said, "hang on a second" and pulled me to sit down. She began to dig through her purse "I know it's in here somewhere." I felt a little strange sitting next to a topless girl while she fumbled through her purse looking for something I still wasn't privy too. I began squirming in my seat then I noticed her perfume bottle in the midst of her hectic purse. "o my goodness" I thought to myself "she wears the same perfume as my mom!" She caught my glance and said "O, this stuff is great, want some?" I nodded my head as to not be rude, then she said "I can't remember what it's called," when I quickly replied "it's Alfred Sung's Shi, my mom wears it." She made a huge smile, probably thinking the same exact thing that I thought when I saw it, handed me a card, gave me a hug and was off. The whole time she had been looking for a card of a friend that sells name brand shoes at great discounts. It ended up being a great night! haha


Why Knock?

I am JUST now becoming used to the fact that a closed door doesn't necessarily mean something bad or inappropriate is happening. In most REAL places of business, a closed door simply means there is either something confidential being discussed OR that person is being considerate of the people around them if they are doing something loud.

I have worked a few different places and this is the first place I've been where a closed door doesn't bother me. One place I worked, the married man used to close his door when his many different girlfriend would call. No one else minded but I still had to hear his conversations through paper thin walls (::vomits::). Another place there was only one person that would close doors, and it was always a slam followed by yelling/ranting about an employee in the office. Once again, I was left in the situation of hearing everything simply because people thought "the door is closed I can do/say whatever I want." The worst, and my LEAST favorite, was a boss that would close his door simply to grope any female that was unfortunate enough to walk in there. I would still throw up a little in my mouth when I saw a closed door, after hearing multiple stories from multiple females about their little "quickies." Down to flat out having sex on the desk. The bad part is, he was, plain and simple, the biggest dog anyone would ever meet in their life. I can guarantee that.

Anyways, the whole point of this blog is, for the longest time I always associated a closed door in a business with something inappropriate happening. Today I realized, I've finally shaken that feeling. I can walk past a closed door and not wonder what is going on, probably just a meeting or a confidential conversation with a client, nothing more, nothing less.

It feels great to be in a positive environment! It feels even more great not having to worry about making sure every inch of my skin is covered up as to avoid staring or inappropriate comments from my boss. I LOVE this place!

So break me down if it makes you feel right...


Freaky Morning

So, little bit of a scary/creepy blog for the morning.

Robert wakes up every morning around 5 a.m. to get ready for the day, eat and head to the gym before work. Every morning he kisses me before he leaves & I get up to check the doors. It is something I have accustomed myself to doing after that whole stalking incident long ago. This morning was no different than any other morning. I woke up, went to the back door double checked both the regular lock then the dead bolt (almost in OCD fashion, having to check twice to assure my first check), then to the front to check it was closed and locked. I can't ever drift back off to sleep for my extra hour unless I know for certain the house is nice and secure. Now that I was certain it was, I hopped back and bed and drifted off for about an hour. I woke up to my alarm clock, jumped out of bed and went to the back door to put Buster out as I did every morning after I woke up (he doesn't have to use the bathroom at this time, just likes to chase the neighborhood birds and cats that may be in "his" backyard). As I rounded the hallway corner, I noticed the back door standing wide open.

Buster didn't seem to mind and ran straight out. I stopped for a second then acted casual and headed to the bedroom. If someone were in the house, I didn't want them to see me panic. I walked calmly to my side of the bed where the handgun stays at night (I trust myself with the handgun only, the shotgun is a bit to much for me). I grabbed it, took the safety off and mentally prepared myself to check the house. I rounded the corner, called Buster inside and had him head up the stairs to the second story of our house. I figured, better him first, at least he could pick up a scent or something. He acted normal, not picking anything unusual up I suppose. I went up, cleared the top floor, calmed down a little, headed downstairs and cleared the bottom. Checked all windows and doors.

What the heck is going on? Robert's calm reasoning when I called him in a panic, "you must have been tired when you checked and the door wasn't closed all the way when you locked it." I told him "okay, if we want to make excuses so I won't be freaked out, I will go along with that." I guess he doesn't realize the extent of my OCD and that it was no mistake, that door was double locked.

I'm still a little freaked out. I don't think it helps that I keep having dreams about freddy kruger. ah!


Anyways, I figured I'd freak some of my readers out since I was freaked out as well! Happy Thursday!


Happy Monday!

Good morning my fellow bloggers!! I hope you had a great weekend! Mine wasn't anything to brag about but certainly a weekend! I was busy/booked most of the weekend so I didn't quite get to open up all of the windows and clean/organize, but I got the house spotless pretty much within a few hours last night.
Anywho, I'm starting this new thing. I don't want to call it a diet, simply because diets never last. I'm looking at it as more of a mental and body cleanse. I'm basically only eating fruits and veggies & only when I am hungry. I drink large quantities of water & for the most part don't feel hungry at all hardly. SO with that being said, I'll make sure to keep you guys posted on how it goes & share my hints & tips if any of you want to try it out!

I have MUCH to blog about but not much time right now. Work is picking up which is GREAT! I've been given so much responsibility and faith by my boss that I feel fantastic!! o, and the major pay increase doesn't hurt either! (what?! I'd be lying if I didn't say it!) Anywho, the BIGGEST thing going on right now in my personal life is halloween costume shopping. I'm trying to find a balance between cute & sexy. We are going to different parties this year, some adult and some kid friendly, so I'm trying to walk that line. So far, all of the costumes I like are a little risky..but I may just go with those & wear a cape or something over it for the kid friendly one? I don't know.

Okay, off to work. But not before I leave you with a song/video, per my norm!! This one is a little freaky/freaky...but I like it. It doesn't hurt that I think she is a beautiful girl either! Not to mention that are coming here, along with MANY MANY other great artists next Friday & I will be in attendance with back stage passes. w00t! anyways, enjoy!!!


Forget Spring Cleaning...I'll take Autumn Cleaning Anyday!

There is something about the cold air that gets me excited!!! I would like to say I am a very clean, organized person, for the most part. Now in the past few years, I have gotten a little better about my "OCD" habits as many friends have called it, and I'm at the point where it is driving me crazy!

This is one of the many areas that Robert and I completely differ. He grew up moving from place to place, never in the neatest/cleanest places. I, on the other hand, lived my whole life in a small house with my whole family, & when I got to a certain age, clutter and uncleanliness was just NOT allowed. I was doing my own laundry in grade school, had specific rooms I was in charge of cleaning weekly and keeping up with daily. This is the main reason I am the way I am today. While when I was younger, you would have probably heard nothing but complaints coming out of my mouth about my parents being so rigid, but I do nothing but thank them today. I have a structure and system for everything & I like that. It is, to me, the only way to fully function.

Anyways, the cool, crisp weather always invites me to open all of the windows in my house and do a massive clean sweep/reorganization of everything. The Container Store/IKEA/Bed Bath and Beyond/William Sonoma....here I come!!!


On The Verge Of Losing It All...


Not to long ago, I felt like I was on the verge of losing it all. I don't really know where to begin this story. I can only try to figure where it all began. I guess the downhill turn started when I moved back to New Orleans, LA. I tried to find a job for the longest time in Texas with Robert, but was unsuccessful due to the legal economy being in the crapper (along with everything else right?!). We agreed it would be best for me to move back in order for us to stay ahead of our bills. We weren't exactly the most stable while separate. We fought a lot, didn't speak, and to be honest, I thought there were a few times that I would never see him again, by both of our choices. I got a job pretty quickly at a law firm in New Orleans. I had three interviews in one day and I still look back and want to kick myself for taking the offer from the firm that I decided on. It was, as I look back on it now, the WORST mistake I've ever made in my life. I should have went with the other two. One actually paid a lot more, but I was scared to take the chance. So I stuck with the safe route. Boy, was that a bad decision.

I won't go into details about the mental abuse the people at that place put people through, but I will tell you, they are what lead me down the path of self destruction.

I also won't go into full detail about specifics (mainly because I'm still not sure about the action I am taking), but I will say that it was by a pure miracle I was saved. Robert and Raul came in for Robert's birthday weekend and the second I saw him, I knew I needed to leave with him and figure it out as I went along. I abandoned all hope for a normal life without him, it just wasn't going to happen. Robert, I'm pretty sure, knew this as well. He knew he was my saving grace. & if by the hands of God, he became my knight in shinning armor that I had prayed for all alone.

Since that time, I found employment the very next day in Texas. We have never been happier. I have never been happier in my life. I found a part of me I had lost long ago that I feared I would never find again. So now, when I go out to a party or a club, I don't need to go straight for the Jack, I just turn to Robert and I have everything I need. I can have fun completely sober and I'm okay with that. Don't get me wrong, I still DO cut loose and have fun drinking, but it isn't a neccessity to my survival anymore. I have everything I need & that's all I've ever wanted.

Dream Interpretation


Some people try to interpret dreams. I'm not one of those people. I don't really believe that just because you had a dream about fish means you or someone you know is pregnant, or any of that nonsense. BUT I have been realizing lately how much your everyday life and thoughts come into play during your sleep/dreams.

For example, last night I had the most odd dream I've had in a while. It was a lot of random stuff mixed together that all links back to either conversations or thoughts I have had in the past few days.

I had a dream I was walking through my grandparents backyard and noticed my dad was building, or should I say rebuilding, a deck that my Papa had built when we were younger. My dad said he was making improvements to add in a pool for my grandma (because Ghea can totally get around that well? ha). Anyways, this thought I'm sure came from the fact that I logged on yesterday and noticed I had a new follower (a shout out to the very talented carpenter/hunky handyman Thad). I checked out his page and saw some of his great work. It reminded me of my grandpa and all of his great stories he had from building houses, then I remembered the deck he built in their backyard so us kiddos had something to play on. & of course, my dad was involved because he learned from the best. Even though my Papa was my mom's dad, he took my dad under his wing like he was his own son.

I walked inside my grandparent's house after talking to my dad and notice dirt tracks all over their white carpet. This probably came from me thinking about purchasing Buster shoes to wear outside so he would stop tracking in dirt from outside when he plays in the rain. After entering the living room I notice an odd looking dog. It has a small head, a regular body, and tiny, short legs. This, I assume, came from me seeing a friend's dog for the first time and noticing how small its head was when compared to the rest of his body. Then, the friend mentioned that our dog, Buster, wasn't really fat, just really tall and had tiny legs so he looked fatter than he is.

After petting the odd looking dog, I heard scary music. I turned around to see Vincent Price walking through the front door. I started screaming in horror. He scares the crap out of me. I'm thinking this came from me thinking about doing haunted houses this year. As I turned to run away he kept chasing after me. I kept saying "I'm going to be late for work, I'm going to be late for work!" I looked at my dream clock and it was 9:30 a.m. Crap, I was late!

I suddenly woke up to realize it was only 4:30 in the morning, I was not late, and all of that crazy randomness was, in fact, a dream.

& to answer your question before you ask, I don't do drugs and I haven't drank in forever. so I have no idea what happened there!


I'm a Rockin' Babe!

Happy Hump Day everyone!! I'm just wondering which you guys would prefer between the original "Careless Whisper" and the Seether cover version. I personally prefect the Seether version, but that's just because I like to rock it often. Take a listen and let me know!

George Michael's version




Kickin' It Old School!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Despite that my phone completely crapped out on me on Friday and I'm still awaiting the delivery of a fully functioning Blackberry Storm (the one I received last night was broken on arrival- unsweet)- it has been a pretty good week so far. The weather is back to cool autumn weather, I'm still losing weight and I have a lot of things to be happy about.

Anywho- I don't know why but for some reason I was thinking about stuff in the past and I remembered "2gether." For those of you who don't know, MTV made a fake boy band and made a movie about them. It was meant to be a funny joke, but they ended up becoming somewhat a real boy band. Now their songs are really silly as are they, but I was one of the young girls that hopped on that train. My favorite was QT (he died after the making of the CDs, movie and show of cancer) and my second favorite was Chad. Anyways, I figured I'd post a video so everyone could get a giggle. Enjoy!


Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I sure did!

We checked out this romantic little Italian restaurant not too far from the house Friday night. It was fantastic! I love family owned, small restaurants. Saturday morning we took Buster to the dog park and he absolutely loved it. It was nice to see him able to socialize with other dogs and people. That night we went and checked out one of the "fun arcades" that is more geared to adults. It rated two thumbs down on our scale, so we will stick to the Main Event for now until we find something better. Then we went to see "All About Steve," which I wanted to see when it first came out. It was pretty funny, but in the end I was pretty sad. Wasn't what I was expecting I guess. Sunday was a pretty slow day. We went to watch the Rangers v. Rays (GOOOO RANGERS!). We had awesome tickets that we scored for free from one of the Majors. The seats were fantastic, except after the first inning we had to seek shelter, due to my pale complexion. haha. It was a blast either way. I loved it even more when I realized they kept popping up the score of the Yankees whipping the Red Sux. Fantastic! After the game we strolled past the great lake by the new cowboy stadium, took some great pictures and then headed home. Went grocery shopping then grabbed "Observe & Report" from the Red Box (I had convinced Rob to watch ghosts of a girlfriends past but they were all out of them). I cooked a nice dinner then we watched the movie. Surprisingly, again, some laughs, but it kind of made me sad at the end. What is up with the funny movies turning kind of sad at the end?

Anyways, all in all, a pretty great weekend. What about you guys? Do anything interesting?


Funny Friday: Ghosting & More

So, not too long ago Robert introduced me to Hamish & Andy, who I now believe are absolutely hilarious. I've been thinking about them a lot today, so I figured I'd post a video for my followers to give them a good Friday laugh. Also, there is a story attached to this as well.

It begins with watching this video:

Now, I laughed my butt off only because I thought about what I would do if I saw that in public, or if I would feel if someone were doing it to me. So after a good laugh, we headed off to the mall, of course! We parted ways as we always do and next thing you know, I came to a stop and was suddenly bumped by Robert. He had apparently been "ghosting" me for a while and I had absolutely no clue. I thought I'd be clever and try it on him, but I got the giggles any time I got close to him, so needless to say he knew I was there. I finally made it to Sephora and Robert took off to the game store, per our norm. He knew I'd be in there for quite some time so he knew better than to stay. After thirty minutes in the store, I had made my selections, waited in line and was helped by this cute asian girl. She was super sweet and somewhat talkative when she was ringing me up. All I know is she went silent and when I looked at her she had turned pale and had a horrified look on her face. I asked her "what? what's wrong?" and all she could say was "umm, umm" almost scared. Finally she whispered and pointed "behind you." I instantly knew it was Robert, BUT moral of the story, just because it is funny to you doesn't neccesarily mean it will be funny to someone else. lol. happy Friday everyone!


Our Song...

This is our song. We've had many, but this one really gives me goosebumps. It reminds me of when we first met. It reminds me every morning is a great morning when I can wake up to him. It reminds me of everything we've ever done or had together. It reminds me of his beautiful singing voice that can soothe my soul, any time, day or night. It reminds me to be a better person, if not for myself, for him. This is our song.

Welcome Autumn!


Well, Autumn officially began on Tuesday, September 22nd. It is crazy to be somewhere that you can actually feel and see the seasons change. Before, in New Orleans, "Autumn begins" were just words on a calendar. The cool/cold weather puts me in the best of moods. Everyone keeps telling me I won't be so happy once winter rolls around, but I'm not too sure about that.
You see, the cold weather reminds me of a lot of things. First and foremost, it reminds me of my Papa. He was from Ohio and longed for winter. The one time it actually snowed when we were kids (1989- I was only four) he followed us around with his video camera trying to catch every moment. I still watch those videos. The cold weather also reminds me of love. I remember watching so many romance movies when I was younger, and it always seems like the female character finds her love when it's cold out. Strange, I know, but bear with me. It's a time where you can spend all day outside and not even notice because you aren't sweaty. Take a stroll around the block, hand in hand with your love, and feel like you don't have a care in the world. Also, it does a world of wonders for hair. My hair longs for the cold weather to give it a break.
Anyways, just wanted to say "welcome!" to the cold weather. I'm ready for you!


What Does Our Freedom Really Cost?

I get very tired and somewhat annoyed by the people who complain about the war. The worst of them all are the ones who give no respect for our troops who are, in fact, fighting for our freedom. Freedom to blog, freedom to go to school, freedom to earn a living and make decisions with our finances.

I have always had a respect and appreciation for our troops. No matter what sex, what branch, whatever, complete respect was always shown to them. It should have been no surprise to me that I would eventually fall in love with and marry a member of the United State Marine Corps.

I knew him before boot camp and have been with him through many deployments. He has lost many a close friend (considered family to them) not only just in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other overseas locations, but here in the United States as well. The feeling of sadness instantly washes over me when I hear of a death. I begin thinking about the family, more specifically the wife, and can't help but think "what if that were me?" It seems as though recently there are more deaths caused by suicide than homicide.

It makes me wonder what goes through their mind? I will never know, because I haven't gone through the things they have gone through. I haven't seen the things they have seen. I haven't had to wake up and wonder "is today the day we get ambushed" or something of that nature.

My husband has been taking the deaths rather hard. Over the past week or so, three people have fallen that he knew. With each death discovered, it seems a piece of him goes with them. A more sad, solemn Robert comes to the surface. It breaks my heart more and more every time, knowing there is nothing I can do. I am there for condolences and support, but none would be accepted, it would, in their minds, be shown as a sign of weakness.

It lead me to this thought today, what does our freedom really cost? Yes, our soldiers put themselves on the line everyday, but do we forget about their minds too? We call them "the lucky" that come back, but are they really all that lucky? ((Yes, they are lucky in that they were able to come back to their friends and family, do not take this as a slight to those who have died an honorable death for our country, because it most certainly is not)) Many of our troops who return are not even assessed for PTSD or other mental issues until years after they come back from deployment. Where does that leave our military men and women? In the dark? waiting for someone to save them?


To the Subway Asshole

This is a perfect example to follow up my "for all mankind" post. This evening, after leaving my husband's football game, we decided to stop and treat ourselves to a quick, healthy dinner. We pulled up at the Subway and there were only two customers in the store. A man and what appeared to be his young son. They were leaving as we were walking in. My husband and I both paused for a minute when they walked out, realizing they left all of their garbage and remaining food scraps on the table at which they sat. I stopped for a moment thinking, "maybe they aren't finished, maybe they are just grabbing something from the car." So I stood patiently, waiting for them to turn back around and pick up after themselves, like normal, decent human being with respect for others do.

As most of you may have figured out by now, he didn't return to collect his garbage and dispose of it properly. Instead, he and his son got in their car and prepared to depart, leaving the workers to pick up after them, almost like their personal maid. My husband, being just as disgusted as me, walked over to their table, grabbed some napkins and started picking up their garbage and tossing in the garbage can. It took us all of 15 seconds to completely clear the table, the whole event took so little time that the man was still buckling his seat belt. I looked at him until he was forced to make eye contact. This is when my bad temper kicked in. Robert is always my saving grace. Had he not been there, I know I would have walked outside and asked him to get out of the car. Child there or not, this man needed to be taught a lesson, even if it is from someone half his age. But I did not do this, because I know I would have been stopped. Instead I mouthed the word "asshole." How did he react you ask? He waved. To this, I laughed, which seemed to anger him (ever notice that when people are mad and you laugh at them, it just pisses them off more?).

I just don't understand. What would possess someone to do that? The most ridiculous part about it, the kid had through his crusts all over the table. Obviously he was never taught table manners. I chalk it up to this, obviously the man was just a nasty, dirty, slob with no respect for others and thus, no respect for himself ultimately. I should confirm that thought with myself based off of the way he was dressed, a holey dirty black shirt, dirty shorts, purple socks and dingy shoes.

That's it, I'll just tell myself he's a slob. There is no way someone could possibly be that rude and disrespectful.....

True Appreciation

I have come to realize the feeling of true appreciation. Not only the true appreciation of someone else, but when someone has honest and true appreciation of you and everything that you do.

I have always been the one to say thank you. I was taught it was rude to do anything otherwise. I remember being at a restaurant when I was about 18 or 19. It was just me and my sister and the waitress wasn't the best ever, but she was trying. That's all I ask for. She brought my sister a refill and my sister didn't say anything. I said "thank you" for her and the waitress walked away. I asked her "you don't say thank you?" She replied "it's her job." I let that thought sink in. It is somewhat ironic coming from my sister, since she was, in fact, a waitress herself. Had it been that she expected no thank you from her patrons or did she simply think that a job of that caliber was not worth being appreciative about?

Either way, as silly and pointless as that memory is, it still sticks with me. Everyone deserves a thank you every now and then. Whether it be for doing a small job, bringing a prompt refill, or all the way up to doing something on a larger scale, donating time or money to a charity, every kind act should be appreciated.

I have lost my way many times, quite a few times lately to be honest, and every time the same thing brings me back where I need to be. Remembering to be thankful, grateful and appreciative of every last minute I have been given. There were many times I thought I would not live. Car accidents, heart conditions, etc., etc. Every time I make it out okay and promise to myself to say please and thank you and make my appreciation known to anyone who has an impact on my life.

A recent discovery I have made with my current job, I am truly appreciated. My previous job ((I can honestly say was my worst job I've ever had and know for a fact that it always will be)) filled my head with random falsified appreciation, but never a true "thanks" for all the hard work I put in. There was much I did to go above and beyond what I was expected to do. I never asked for an extra penny, but a thanks or acknowledgment would have been nice. I continued until my very last day there, knowing I would never get that appreciation, but in my mind, I couldn't give up, I wouldn't be me if I didn't keep giving 110%.

I still think that is why I was blessed with my current job. All my hard work paid off and I was given co-workers and a boss that truly understand that I am in 110%. It has made me more verbal about my appreciation for others and I have noticed that it has made a difference in the people around me.

Anyways, I guess the whole point of this post is, in the darkest time that I was going through (the worst time of my life), I stuck to giving thanks and praise and it lead me through the dark and into the brightest part of my life and towards the most amazing people I've ever met in my life!


For All Mankind?


So I can't help but notice on a daily basis that the common courtesy of this world is almost nonexistent. People still do things that amaze me. People are now rude and have no respect for people's personal belongings. Also, the day and age of volunteering is pretty much out the window. People want to know what you can do for them and them only. Forget returning the favor. Forget doing things to better all mankind. Forget doing things to better the lives of citizens of the future.

Everyone seems to be wanting to live in the here and now. What will satisfy them, and them only, today, now, right this second, forget the consequences on the future.

Will any of these people ever wake up and realize? I'm talking on a large scale, from someone just being rude and blocking an intersection all the way up to someone purchasing a house knowing good and well they won't be able to make payments but don't care because they know the government will bail them out.

I fear to bring children into this world. I've questioned my mother at length on how she and my father raised myself along with my brother and sister in order to make sure we didn't turn out to be so rude.

What are your thoughts?


Fashion Show! Fashion Show! Fashion Show at Lunch!

I've been working on a blog recently that is a little political. I'm not quite done with it yet, so I figured I'd stick with a post that I feel comfortable with and LOOOVE writing about....FASHION! Recently I was thumbing through my Vogue (the new fall fashion edition to be exact, yes, you know, the beautiful fat one full of pretty much nothing but ads of all the latest and greatest the fashion world has to offer) and I stumbled across a "fashion week" article.


Naturally, I paused to read it, I've always wanted to attend a fashion week. It didn't even necessarily have to be in Paris, I would settle for New York. As I read on, I realized it was a fashion week that Vogue teamed up to do with The Bellevue Collection to do. Now, most New York or Paris fashion week goers would turn their noses up to the mere suggestion of attending such a fashion week, in Washington of all places! But, to me, this was a sign of opportunity. I would be able to attend without missing hardly any work, be able to get a small dose of experience that I've wanted for so long & of course, not break the bank account.

Tickets are available to the general public, they range in price of course. David Lawrence will be doing a show and also Michael Kors and True Religion will be showcased. I am SO excited about this!


Use Somebody

Everyday that goes by is a life lesson. I learn, I grow, I get a little softer and sensitive in some areas, while others I become hard and insensitive. It seems as though my entire life has been full of lessons instead of a great adventure like most people claim.


Breaking the - RULE 5

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! I'm breaking the tradition and posting my Rule 5 today. Not only is it a hot chick but it's a pretty risky video. Also, I happen to absolutely LOOOOVE this song, so it's a win-win for me :) Enjoy!! ((sorry it's not the original video- but they have blocked embedding))



So now that I have let things so, I have been feeling AMAAAZING! We have been saving money pretty well (if I may toot my own horn, I've been VERY good). I have been able to keep the house pretty clean for the most part, the cars looking nice, my career going strong and building. Everything seems to be falling into place. We had a couple friends visit this past weekend and we were able to take them on a quick tour of the area we live in now. On the list, & one of my favorites, the water garden.



(Okay, no cracks about taking my oversized purse to such an outing & the fact that I'm probably telling Lyz I'm going to fall on my face). Now, as some of you may know, I used to be (still am a little) terrified of heights. Making my way down such a large drop off was a big accomplishment. I feel like these days, I can do just about anything. I have let go of all the negativity, and the people who went along with it, and it has changed my whole outlook on life.

I am still so grateful that I was given the chance to be here & I don't plan on ever forgetting it. My best friend is flying in early Friday morning & I was given the day off to go have fun for my birthday. I'm sure it will be an adventure, as it usually is when we get together.

I plan on making entertaining posts again shortly, just wanted to fill you guys in on everything.



Someday We'll Know

I popped in my "A Walk to Remember" CD this morning to change it up from my constant rocking out phase. I had a pretty good weekend, could have been more eventful, but I am grateful for it now, since I apparently will be non-stop for the next month or so. You will not hear a complaint leave my lips though. I am SOOO happy to be living here with my hubby. I always knew he was special, but I didn't realize that we would fall in love all over again. The area is so beautiful and safe. The weather, although pretty hot in the summer, is so beautiful once the season starts changing (which you can already tell it is in the mornings and evenings). The people are fantastic. I still haven't run out of things to do or see around here. It is simply amazing.

I prepped the house for our guest that are coming in a couple days. I feel guilty that they will be left on their own on Thursday, then Friday will have Robert as a tour guide, but I know they will stay entertained in this city. Saturday will be full of shoe shopping with Lyz as she is a shoe whore much like myself, so we will be hitting the shoe heaven as I call it. They will be leaving Sunday, which gives me enough time to re-group my thoughts and house for my special arrival on Friday. For this visit, I had planned a day off, which I am still taking so I can pick her up from the airport. This visit, I am sure, will change Dallas, Fort Worth and all surrounding areas. I'm not sure if they can handle us.

Anyways, back to the beginning, I popped in the CD and this song has been stuck in my head (along with pretty much all the others, guess I'll be watching the movie again soon!). Enjoy!


You're better off dead...

& that's just what you are to me....only certain people deserve the respect of a memory, but you, my "old friend" will not even get a spec in my memory, I'd like to save room for memories that are worth something...

that being said...it is almost quitting time. If business wouldn't have picked up so much I would be going home, but I'm setting up for a new project, yippie!! :)

I plan on having a lot of fun tonight with some friends and pretty much the rest of the weekend. It is great to have a life that I don't have to constantly lie to people all the time. This is the last blog I will acknowledge you in, simply because I see you still getting on to check my stuff, which is, to be quite honest, kinda psycho...so go back to your lies & entertain yourself..

&& without further ado...for everyone's listening pleasure, an awesome song that I cannot get out of my head...enjoy & have an awesome weekend!!! :)


Despite the fact that I have been struck with the insomnia stick once again, apparently, I am in a very chipper mood this morning. Rabbit came back yesterday from a trip & we went bowling, which I haven't done in forever. I started off thinking I should let him win, not knowing how poor of a sport he would be if I won (I simply wouldn't know since he beats me at every other game or thing we do lol). I figured, why not play to my full potential, so I did, and I won both games we played. He was a very good sport, which made it better.

This weekend is drill weekend, which means I will be left to my own devise during the weekend days. I think I may venture around to certain spots and take some pictures.


Thinking about going back to the water gardens and wander around and take time taking photos. We will see, depending on the heat!

I'm also going to get new contacts/glasses and run other errands. But what I am most excited about....


RANGERS! v. the Red Sux. I really hope to see the Rangers demolish the sux, but we will have to wait & see, but I certainly am hoping for baseline seats on this one. I have many, many, many reasons to hate the sux, my number one reason being I'm a diehard Yankees fan, always & forever...

Other than that, probably poker or a party at a friend's tonight and who else knows what else.... the weekend is still young, I'll wait & see...happy friday! :)


Because every girl deserves this...

"I'll be fighting for her, too. You should know that. I'm not taking anything for granted. And, I'll be fighting twice as hard as you will."



Cash for Clunkers = Invasion of Privacy

Please take about 5 or so minutes to watch the video below. I'm usually on the more conservative side when it comes to things, but this is just insane. The message clearly shows that the government can and will access and/or save every single last thing on your computer...picutures...websites...even chats! Insanity! Where is your government now?!



So I can't help but rocking out to this song for the past week or so & it's driving me nuts. Couldn't find the video (don't think they made one yet?), so you'll have to deal with this, but still...love it? hate it? get addicted like me? let me know!

Fight Night!!!

I feel like a kid everytime a UFC fight weekend comes around. I get so excited and overtaken with joy and excitement, so much so that it's ridiculous and hard to believe. Anyways, I have A LOT to blog about, so much excitement and stuff going on in my life right now it isn't even funny! I've had slim to no time to keep everyone up to speed as I should, no time to introduce new products, new music, new movies, but I promise, I will catch up soon. Hopefully tonight/tomorrow because this weekend is completely jammed packed with fun events (which I will get into more in another blog...

On to the real post.....


This weekend's fight is sure to be interesting. Although it dims in comparison to the most recent big fight (with my guys Lesnar, GSP and other big names on the fight card), it is sure to be eventful. The two main fights that I am most anxiously awaiting, as I'm sure they are the same two everyone else is waiting for, is Penn vs. Florian and Silva vs. Griffin. I'm pulling for Penn just because Florian rubs me the wrong way, nothing personal. & surprisingly I'll be cheering on Forrest Griffin strictly based on his quirckly personality. Some people think he's cocky, but you can tell when it comes down to it, he is out there being silly and having fun. Doesn't hurt that he's actually pretty good as well.

We will see what happens...I'll have to be content with this until GSP fights again (grrrooowlll). The ultimate reward would be to see Frank Shamrock again...man do I love me so Frank Shamrock...but I know that is only a dream...

A little taste of frank:


Promise I'll get everyone up to speed soon. Until then, let me know who you think will win or at least who you want to win. The other fighters I usually wait until weigh in and make my ultimate decisions then.


Happy Monday!

I had the most amazing weekend with my Robert & friends. This coming week should go by quickly & the following weekend should be even better than this past one. I cannot wait. I'm finally happy now. So very, very happy.

Anyways, check out the video below. Season finale of Daisy was last night, SOOOO aggravated she didn't pick Flex.


Cleansing of the BODY, mind & soul


So, as everyone now knows, I have been on a major kick on getting healthy again. Now that I have cleansed my mind & some of my soul, I'm working non-stop on my body. I've been eating pretty healthy, going to the gym, but I think it's time to give myself a little boost.

A co-worker/friend of mine and I are going to go on the "Lemonade Diet." For those of you who are unfamiliar with this diet, it is pretty simple. You make a lemonade like mixture (organic lemon juice, tiny amount of maple syrup, cayenne pepper and, of course, water. Gross right? lol well, you drink the mixture (6-12 glasses a day) for about 10 days. Nothing else is to be consumed while on this diet. Absolutely no food, also no vitamins, the mixture contains every vitamin the body needs during this process. It is to cleanse the body.

I'll be sure to post and let you know how it all goes!

Good Song....Good Guide

I'm in a giggly mood this morning for some reason. Anyways, I popped in my old Black Eye Peas (not the E.N.D. one which I totally recommend as well) yesterday on the drive home. I completely forgot about this song. Anyways, I like the part that says "What you gonna do when it all comes out...When [they] really see you & what you're all about"..... it just reminds me of someone I used to know lol. Anyways, enjoy & get your BEP fix for the a.m. :) ciao!


Too many choices


Now, don't get me wrong, as much as I couldn't stand living in New Orleans anymore, it did have its perks. Besides the great family and friends I have there, nothing can beat the food, the music, the concerts and, of course, the bar/club/alcohol unlimited availability.

Now that I've been in between Dallas and Fort Worth for a while, I've been able to do a little exploring. Now for those of you who know me, don't be too concerned, I don't wander off too far by myself...though it does happen sometimes. Anyways, I've noticed there are so many DIFFERENT types of things to do here. You name it, they have it here. Aquariums, zoos, museums, bowling alleys, skating rinks, ice skating rinks, huge malls, the Texas Rangers, the Cowboys (they really aren't my taste but ok), places that actually play the UFC fights, adult arcades, oh & did I mention the Galleria, which includes Tiffany & Co. ahhh. & soo soo much more.

Robert admitted that he has done more in this area in the short time that I have been here than he had in the past year & I can easily believe him. I am not the type of person that can sit on the side and do nothing. I tried to repress those feelings for a while & learned that there is no way to get rid of them but instead, I'd have to use them & act out whatever my little heart desired.

Ice skating was an adventure. I clung to the wall for the first few times around. Robert tried to be a hot shot whipping around me, until he realized he couldn't stop. I came to his rescue, slowly, but surely.

My first major league baseball game was surely not the last. I had such a great time. We bought tickets in the nose bleed section because I thought we'd be saving some money. The view was GREAT! I would never buy anything other than those seats. The atmosphere was great. At one point I closed my eyes and breathed in the air & took in the sounds around me. This is what it felt like to be alive.

Six Flags was definitely a new experience for me. You see, our family would go on family vacations to the beach every year. Each time we'd make a visit to the amusement park. My sister was always my ride buddy, but as the years went on, she started staying at home for the vacations. I lost my buddy partner & never really got to rides after that (this was before the single passenger days). Anyways, I found a new partner, in more ways than one, and we hit all the rides I could imagine. Being scared of heights didn't stop me that day. I didn't even think twice when we stood in line for the Superman ride. Looking back now, I'm glad I didn't because I would have surely lost my lunch. That day was a once in a lifetime experience. We ran around from ride to ride, hand in hand, passing old couples, younger couples with tons of kids, and teenage love birds. The day ended when the storm rolled over us & we made a mad dash to the car, not making it in time of course, both of us completely soaked to the bone, both of us though, laughing.

Ripley's Believe it or not- was pretty cool. Robert definitely enjoyed that more than I did. BUT they do have a mirror maze, which I have to say is pretty neat. Definitely something everyone should try at least once.

The whole point of this blog is this, I never realized what I had until recently. I was ready to give up on life. Robert came into my life & it got a little better. He stayed with my through some of the hardest things I've ever faced...a car accident that left a permanent scar on my face that I will forever have to live with, the death of the person I was the closest to, and never thought twice about what he was doing. Maybe he knew all along things would end this way? Maybe he had blind faith, something I should have taken a lesson in.

Regardless, I'm ready to keep living my life to the fullest, go fishing with my hair a mess, touching slimy worms, tubing/water skiing? , boat sailing (that's actually coming up very soon)...

The whole world is at my fingertips, all I have to do is reach out and grab it. The worst that can happen is I fall, but I know I always have Robert there to catch me.