Why Knock?

I am JUST now becoming used to the fact that a closed door doesn't necessarily mean something bad or inappropriate is happening. In most REAL places of business, a closed door simply means there is either something confidential being discussed OR that person is being considerate of the people around them if they are doing something loud.

I have worked a few different places and this is the first place I've been where a closed door doesn't bother me. One place I worked, the married man used to close his door when his many different girlfriend would call. No one else minded but I still had to hear his conversations through paper thin walls (::vomits::). Another place there was only one person that would close doors, and it was always a slam followed by yelling/ranting about an employee in the office. Once again, I was left in the situation of hearing everything simply because people thought "the door is closed I can do/say whatever I want." The worst, and my LEAST favorite, was a boss that would close his door simply to grope any female that was unfortunate enough to walk in there. I would still throw up a little in my mouth when I saw a closed door, after hearing multiple stories from multiple females about their little "quickies." Down to flat out having sex on the desk. The bad part is, he was, plain and simple, the biggest dog anyone would ever meet in their life. I can guarantee that.

Anyways, the whole point of this blog is, for the longest time I always associated a closed door in a business with something inappropriate happening. Today I realized, I've finally shaken that feeling. I can walk past a closed door and not wonder what is going on, probably just a meeting or a confidential conversation with a client, nothing more, nothing less.

It feels great to be in a positive environment! It feels even more great not having to worry about making sure every inch of my skin is covered up as to avoid staring or inappropriate comments from my boss. I LOVE this place!

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