Forget Spring Cleaning...I'll take Autumn Cleaning Anyday!

There is something about the cold air that gets me excited!!! I would like to say I am a very clean, organized person, for the most part. Now in the past few years, I have gotten a little better about my "OCD" habits as many friends have called it, and I'm at the point where it is driving me crazy!

This is one of the many areas that Robert and I completely differ. He grew up moving from place to place, never in the neatest/cleanest places. I, on the other hand, lived my whole life in a small house with my whole family, & when I got to a certain age, clutter and uncleanliness was just NOT allowed. I was doing my own laundry in grade school, had specific rooms I was in charge of cleaning weekly and keeping up with daily. This is the main reason I am the way I am today. While when I was younger, you would have probably heard nothing but complaints coming out of my mouth about my parents being so rigid, but I do nothing but thank them today. I have a structure and system for everything & I like that. It is, to me, the only way to fully function.

Anyways, the cool, crisp weather always invites me to open all of the windows in my house and do a massive clean sweep/reorganization of everything. The Container Store/IKEA/Bed Bath and Beyond/William Sonoma....here I come!!!

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Tami G said...

This is my FAVORITE time of the year. There is nothing better than turning the air off and raising the windows! I love it! After a good "fall" clean, with the fresh air blowing in, it smells sooooo GREAT!!