The Stripper & My Mother Wear the Same Perfume...

Being born & raised in New Orleans had many advantages. One of the best advantages was being so close to the French Quarter/Bourbon Street. So whenever things got stressful or you simply got bored, you would literally be a few minutes from an all night party any day of the week.

For a while, hubby & our really good friend liked to frequent Bourbon Street every weekend. For the booze, excitement and of course, the boobies. Now before you guys freak out, I'm not a lesbian. I just don't mind seeing the female form. Completely nude would probably be different, but I like boobs (thank goodness I have my own to look at! lol).

Anyways, for a while we would go to Rick's Cab, mainly because I made friends with some of the girls there. The atmosphere was great and, surprisingly, it was one of the cleanest places down there.

One evening in particular, I remember walking out of the bathroom and one of the strippers following behind me and saying "cute shoes!" ((they were very cute shoes, one of my favorites!)) I turned around and said thanks and thought that would be it. She said, "hang on a second" and pulled me to sit down. She began to dig through her purse "I know it's in here somewhere." I felt a little strange sitting next to a topless girl while she fumbled through her purse looking for something I still wasn't privy too. I began squirming in my seat then I noticed her perfume bottle in the midst of her hectic purse. "o my goodness" I thought to myself "she wears the same perfume as my mom!" She caught my glance and said "O, this stuff is great, want some?" I nodded my head as to not be rude, then she said "I can't remember what it's called," when I quickly replied "it's Alfred Sung's Shi, my mom wears it." She made a huge smile, probably thinking the same exact thing that I thought when I saw it, handed me a card, gave me a hug and was off. The whole time she had been looking for a card of a friend that sells name brand shoes at great discounts. It ended up being a great night! haha

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