Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day everyone!! I am in a great mood today. I found my dress for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball last night. It is so beautiful and it looks amazing on me! It was the true test to see if my hard work, diet and exercise had paid off yet, and it certainly has! I know I will not be in perfect shape for the Ball but I know I will definitely be there for the holidays and that makes me feel wonderful.

Anyways, here is a funny for you this Wednesday. I am hoping to do a Rule 5 later, since I think it will be fitting for hump day. Until then, enjoy this video clip from The Office. Watch until the very end.

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Tami G said...

OMG thanks for the laugh this morning! That's freaking HILARIOUS!!!!!
and congrats on the dress! There is NO better feeling!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!