Happy Monday!

I had the most amazing weekend with my Robert & friends. This coming week should go by quickly & the following weekend should be even better than this past one. I cannot wait. I'm finally happy now. So very, very happy.

Anyways, check out the video below. Season finale of Daisy was last night, SOOOO aggravated she didn't pick Flex.


Cleansing of the BODY, mind & soul


So, as everyone now knows, I have been on a major kick on getting healthy again. Now that I have cleansed my mind & some of my soul, I'm working non-stop on my body. I've been eating pretty healthy, going to the gym, but I think it's time to give myself a little boost.

A co-worker/friend of mine and I are going to go on the "Lemonade Diet." For those of you who are unfamiliar with this diet, it is pretty simple. You make a lemonade like mixture (organic lemon juice, tiny amount of maple syrup, cayenne pepper and, of course, water. Gross right? lol well, you drink the mixture (6-12 glasses a day) for about 10 days. Nothing else is to be consumed while on this diet. Absolutely no food, also no vitamins, the mixture contains every vitamin the body needs during this process. It is to cleanse the body.

I'll be sure to post and let you know how it all goes!

Good Song....Good Guide

I'm in a giggly mood this morning for some reason. Anyways, I popped in my old Black Eye Peas (not the E.N.D. one which I totally recommend as well) yesterday on the drive home. I completely forgot about this song. Anyways, I like the part that says "What you gonna do when it all comes out...When [they] really see you & what you're all about"..... it just reminds me of someone I used to know lol. Anyways, enjoy & get your BEP fix for the a.m. :) ciao!


Too many choices


Now, don't get me wrong, as much as I couldn't stand living in New Orleans anymore, it did have its perks. Besides the great family and friends I have there, nothing can beat the food, the music, the concerts and, of course, the bar/club/alcohol unlimited availability.

Now that I've been in between Dallas and Fort Worth for a while, I've been able to do a little exploring. Now for those of you who know me, don't be too concerned, I don't wander off too far by myself...though it does happen sometimes. Anyways, I've noticed there are so many DIFFERENT types of things to do here. You name it, they have it here. Aquariums, zoos, museums, bowling alleys, skating rinks, ice skating rinks, huge malls, the Texas Rangers, the Cowboys (they really aren't my taste but ok), places that actually play the UFC fights, adult arcades, oh & did I mention the Galleria, which includes Tiffany & Co. ahhh. & soo soo much more.

Robert admitted that he has done more in this area in the short time that I have been here than he had in the past year & I can easily believe him. I am not the type of person that can sit on the side and do nothing. I tried to repress those feelings for a while & learned that there is no way to get rid of them but instead, I'd have to use them & act out whatever my little heart desired.

Ice skating was an adventure. I clung to the wall for the first few times around. Robert tried to be a hot shot whipping around me, until he realized he couldn't stop. I came to his rescue, slowly, but surely.

My first major league baseball game was surely not the last. I had such a great time. We bought tickets in the nose bleed section because I thought we'd be saving some money. The view was GREAT! I would never buy anything other than those seats. The atmosphere was great. At one point I closed my eyes and breathed in the air & took in the sounds around me. This is what it felt like to be alive.

Six Flags was definitely a new experience for me. You see, our family would go on family vacations to the beach every year. Each time we'd make a visit to the amusement park. My sister was always my ride buddy, but as the years went on, she started staying at home for the vacations. I lost my buddy partner & never really got to rides after that (this was before the single passenger days). Anyways, I found a new partner, in more ways than one, and we hit all the rides I could imagine. Being scared of heights didn't stop me that day. I didn't even think twice when we stood in line for the Superman ride. Looking back now, I'm glad I didn't because I would have surely lost my lunch. That day was a once in a lifetime experience. We ran around from ride to ride, hand in hand, passing old couples, younger couples with tons of kids, and teenage love birds. The day ended when the storm rolled over us & we made a mad dash to the car, not making it in time of course, both of us completely soaked to the bone, both of us though, laughing.

Ripley's Believe it or not- was pretty cool. Robert definitely enjoyed that more than I did. BUT they do have a mirror maze, which I have to say is pretty neat. Definitely something everyone should try at least once.

The whole point of this blog is this, I never realized what I had until recently. I was ready to give up on life. Robert came into my life & it got a little better. He stayed with my through some of the hardest things I've ever faced...a car accident that left a permanent scar on my face that I will forever have to live with, the death of the person I was the closest to, and never thought twice about what he was doing. Maybe he knew all along things would end this way? Maybe he had blind faith, something I should have taken a lesson in.

Regardless, I'm ready to keep living my life to the fullest, go fishing with my hair a mess, touching slimy worms, tubing/water skiing? , boat sailing (that's actually coming up very soon)...

The whole world is at my fingertips, all I have to do is reach out and grab it. The worst that can happen is I fall, but I know I always have Robert there to catch me.


The Pain of Love

As my previous blog mentioned, I have been attending the gym pretty regularly. I didn't really push myself too hard, because, let's be honest, I get very irritated very quickly & don't want to quit going. Last night was the first time I consented to letting Robert go with me (he usually goes during the day at chow or some other time OTHER than when I go). I figured I needed a little push and being in the Marines and helping out managing "the fat bodies", he'd be the one to do it.

Well, let's just say, I had no idea what I was in for. It started out pretty average. Put our stuff in the locker, got a few stares by different people (mostly women who I know were thinking "aww look how cute, they work out together" and the guys probably thinking "sucks to be him" lol) and hit the machines. The workout was to be pretty much limited to shoulders (I'm still having problems with my shoulder from the car accident forever ago) and abs (yes I still have some of those! lol)

Anyways, I don't want to go into great detail about my workout session, but let's just say I am insanely sore. While doing one ab workout (some crazy machine that you lay on the bench, grab a medicine ball, stretch all the way back, sit up, toss the ball, grab another and repeat a million times) I felt as though I was going to throw up, which I then stated. Robert's response was not too sympathetic. I got a "just throw up then, let it go, then keep going." wow, I began feeling sorry for the Marines he PTs everyday. poor things. It did make me laugh though. He realized how silly he was being and we moved on. I did the ab coaster, which I had recently seen on tv. It looks pretty simple & I thought I'd hop on and do some insane amount of reps in no time. Yea, not so much. For an uncoordinated, weak person such as myself, it was pretty difficult.

The whole point of this story is, last night when I got home, I just wanted to shower and go to sleep. Luckily I had clued Robert into my not-so-motivated state & he whipped me into gear. I'm kind of sore today & I'm sure it will be worse tomorrow, but I'm glad I did it. More importantly, I'm glad I have such a great husband.


Fit as a Fiddle??


Recently, I have been on a quest to change my life, completely and totally. I started with the main issue, moving the heck away from New Orleans. Being away from the negative surroundings and people have majorly improved my attitude and health in general. I have been working on strengthening relationships, maintaining some, & completely ending others. Some are still in the decision process.

Anyways, I started cutting back and ultimately eliminating my soda intake. Yes, you heard me correctly, Ms. Coca Cola Junkie has cut herself off from the soda world. Also, another big change, and probably way more important than anything else in this blog, I have stopped drinking. Now, don't get me wrong, I think I may have had a mixed drink or two in the past month or so, but I'm not binge drinking/drinking every day like I was in New Orleans. I've learned that not only does my body not need that, but it cannot handle it. I think for a while there I was on the verge of becoming an alcoholic, then I scared myself in the other direction. ((my fellow partiers- don't worry, I will still drink for special occasions/while at a club/bar, just not on a daily basis like before))

The point of this whole blog is, I just recently joined 24 hour fitness & am in love with it so far. It is insane how cheap it is to join as a month to month member. I did some serious research and price comparison and it ended up being the only gym that could compete with my schedule and, believe it or not, was the cheapest. I'm still in shock. I got a personal trainer package to start me off in the right direction. Also, all of their classes are FREE! They have so many classes that I can take after work, kickboxing, yoga, hip hop, pretty much one of everything.

Anyways, I was super excited to pass this information along if anyone is interested in joining a gym, I've done the research for you, 24 hour fitness is the best option out there!


The Weekend

This weekend was full of different adventures. Friday night Robert and I went to our friend's house to hang out, nothing too eventful. Saturday Robert suggested we go to the aquarium in Dallas. I wasn't too much for the idea since I had heard poor reviews, but he was very eager to check it out, so I went along. What should have been about a 45 minute trip took a total of two hours. The city of Arlington feels that a Saturday during peak traffic for their area is a good time to close the interstate off completely, not warning anyone at all and funnelling everyone onto the entirely too small service road. To say the least, Robert was NOT a happy camper.

We were able to find a parking spot in the extremely small parking lot (this is the "Dallas World Aquarium" and the parking lot holds all of 20 cars? This doesn't seem right. Anyways, we took our place in line and waited....and waited. I thought we were almost at the front of the line, when we rounded the corner, only to realize, the line wrapped around several times. Needless to say, about an hour after waiting (man, I am NEVER patient, it must have been Robert's lucky day) we finally made it in to the "aquarium." First of all, let me just say, that someone should probably explain to Dallas that an aquarium should probably have more than 10 smaller tanks of fish. Second, they should probably look into investigating a little thing called a "fire code" because I'm more than certain they break it on the weekends. It felt as if we were standing in line the entire time just too look at the exhibits, which consisted of birds and monkeys. I was confused at one point, did we turn the wrong way and end up at the zoo? My frustration came to a peak when standing in the middle of the bird exhibit, I felt and heard a PLOP on my back. I heard a "ewww" from the lady behind us, and I knew right away what had happened. I was gifted with a nasty present on my back from a brightly colored bird. To make matters worse, after Robert saw it instead of helping right away he let out a big "GROOOSSS!" to call more people's attention to me. I was utterly disgusted and ready to go home after that. A few people tried to comfort me by telling me it was good luck. To me, I'd rather have my typical bad luck than bird shit on my back. ugh.

Anyways, after that we headed home, showered up and went over to a friend's to watch the big UFC fight. Boy, was it amazing! I haven't been able to sit down and enjoy a UFC fight in a while. It didn't matter that the two little girls kept wanting to play with me the whole time, I was able to play with them & keep them occupied to leave the daddies alone AND watch the fight. I have to say, I was somewhat impressed with myself.

So, that aside, I enjoyed the fight greatly. Each and every single last one of the fighters I wanted to win won. I especially enjoyed watching Frank Mir get his cocky ass handed to him by Brock Lesnar. I also liked Lesnar's little speech after winning.

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend!


Brock Lesnar v. Frank Mir

Who do you think will walk away the victor on 07/11/09?

I am an all time fan of Brock Lesnar so, of course, I would love for him to win. I've been watching the countdown of the 100 best UFC fights. I has been pretty interesting. They keep showing clips and stuff of Lesnar and Mir. Mir has been doing some heave smack talking. I hope he will be able to back it up come tomorrow night so he doesn't look like an ass. We will see. I'd like to say Lesnar has a disadvantage being a little bigger, but I can't, because when it comes to him, he's faster and quicker than the smaller guys. He still amazes me!

Too much excitement!

There is so much going on today it isn't even funny!!!

First, I need to mention that today is not only Star's birthday, but Buster's 4th birthday as well. I am a horrible puppy mommy and friend. I totally meant to buy a cute music card and stick it in the mail for Star and get a nice big bone for Buster, but didn't do either of the two. oye!

Also, something I have been waiting for a full month for, that isn't really exciting to anyone but me, BULK PICK UP is this weekend! yaay! I am SO excited that I get to throw out a bunch of the shit (yes I said shit & I meant it) someone left behind...not to mention some of our old stuff that I have been going through. Robert has been forewarned and is even entertaining my excitement. I am SO excited about this.

Next, I have decided that my current car is going to be my car for as long as it runs. Robert & I have made so many car purchases, but this one feels right, for once. Robert even mentioned switching some things out for me (small things like exhaust, etc.) to make it run perfect. Other than the much needed oil change (okay, so the light DID go on this morning, bad bad Devin!), my car is the perfect fit for me!

Also, Courtney & Sarah came up with the CUTEST idea before I left, and I have not lived up to my end of the deal at all. I feel horrible for this. So, that being said, not only do I plan on finishing up with my end and mailing it tomorrow, I have also made so small purchases and plan on sticking those in the mail for the both of them as well, sort of as a surprise/sorry I suck so hard core. I'll have to take pics and post them. If it turns out like I am expecting it should be cute and a smash hit!

Last weekend, I caved in and saw Transformers 2 with Robert, even though I didn't want to. I can't say I liked it, at all actually. The first one was okay, this one.....not so much. Anyways, to satisfy me, he also recommended that we see The Hangover, which we did & I'm still laughing. It is a MUST see movie and a MUST DVD purchase when it comes out. This weekend is my weekend and I am trying to decide between The Proposal and The Ugly Truth. Robert agreed to both & I think at this point, I may take him up on that offer...

Last, and certainly not least, what I am MOST excited about this morning. I received a very unexpected text this morning from my friend Heidi. First, it was a surprise since the last time we spoke she didn't have texts. She was the first friend I made when I originally moved to Texas. She is a stay at home Marine wife/mom of two and I was unemployed. It was great, she is the sweetest girl ever. Then I had to move back home to keep our income stable so we kind of lost touch. When I moved back I wanted to get together with her but Robert told me she moved back home for a while to get help with the new baby. I was upset but understood. So this text came as a welcome surprise to me. Turns out she is back now as well. I can't wait to see her and for us to all hang out again. It was so nice & reminds me of the good old days!

Things are finally getting back to normal. I have cleared out most of the clutter in my house, in my mind and in my life. I am almost back to my happy self again and it is much thanks to my family, friends, and most importantly Robert. He never gave up on us or me.

Happy :)


Freedom isn't free....anywhere


I wanted to write on something that isn't exactly new, but it is still a hot topic with the media today. I was informed by a co-worker that there was a protest march on the very street I work on, and I, obviously, was completely and totally unaware of it. It was, in fact, a part of the movement regarding Iranian women's rights. I realized that I had heard about it some time ago, thought it was horrible & went about my business. I never really thought much about it or looked into it. Then, after realizing I had been living in my own little bubble, I popped it and started doing some reading.

Now, originally when hearing about this, I assumed the Iranian women had finally had enough. I don't blame them. They have been treated and considered second class citizens for far too long. After reading further into it, it seems as though the recent presidential election is what set them off. Apparently there is believed to be a[n intentional] miscalculation of votes and a person by the name of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took his [undue] claim to the presidential seat. The opposing parties were favored by the Iranian women and the Iranian men [with brains] since they agreed to look into the Iranian constitutional parts in regards to women's right deferments.

This has inevitably set off the Iranian women. They have been censored and repressed for far too long, and I am glad to see that they will have the freedom they deserve.

Just think about this though girls, remember these girls that are fighting for things you have everyday, bright nail polish, skirts, but more importantly, the right to have their voices heard and their votes count!


Boxes Galore

I packed and left town in such a hurry, I left almost all my belongs behind. I would have been perfectly fine never seeing them again if it meant I didn't have to go back to that god forsaken city, but my mom decided to box up four huge boxes with some of my belongings. I was excited at first, until I got home and realized I had, once again, much unpacking to do. It seems as though the last four or so years of my life has been packing and unpacking. It is scary to think about it. I have become so used to packing, I have learned little tricks and secrets to packing for ways to make sure things don't break, to make more stuff fit, it's unbelievable.

Anyways, my heart dropped as I saw one box though. It was busted on the side and quickly taped up with [not so up to] standard tape. I knew it was the box with my handbags and my heart raced as I realized that someone may have their filthy mitts on my marc jacobs, coach, and/or dooney. No worries though, after ripping the box to shreds, they were all there, safe and sound.

I guess I have more unpacking to do when I get home & since I guess I'm not on "unpacking" strike anymore, I should tackle the rest of the garage. ugh. I think about it like this though- once I am done getting rid of all of this unnecessary junk, the next move will me SO much easier on everyone. We will see. I'll be sure to let you guys know.


My Last Say So...

So I've had quite a while away from everyone and everything to be able to reflect, think, and whatever else one is supposed to do when almost completely taken away from the world that she knows.

I have decided that I have let people get away with things for too long. There is one person in particular that I was good friends with, that I let get away with WAY more than they should have. Complete and total lies to not only my face, but to other people I consider friends as well. Complete disrepect for me and aforementioned friends. You see, this person took our weaknesses and used them against each and every one of us. Looking back on it now, I can't figure out why I let it go on, but I did. This "friend" used my good nature and super sensitive caring side to get what they wanted and to leave me and supposed other friends high and dry.

So I have decided no more. I originally thought a brief hello here and there would be okay, but I've decided now, they aren't worth it, honestly. I know that when the current situation turns to shit, which it will because the lies will once again come out as they always do, I don't want to be the one standing there to pick up the pieces. I am hopeful that my other friends will decide on the same, but that is on them now. I can only give my opinion, but the ultimate decision is theirs.



For my love of animals


For everyone that knows me, you know how I have an extreme soft spot for animals, especially puppies. For those of you who don't, I am crazy-stupid for animals. I cry if Robert makes me watch the Animal Planet while the wild animals do their wild animal things, like eating each other. I once parked my car by the levee on the way to pick Robert up from work, in the rain, and chased a puppy for a mile because he kept running into the street and I didn't want him to get hurt. I tried to pet wild pigs before because they looked lonely on the side of the road.

Anyways, long story short, last year around November, I started donating to ASPCA. I am now a guardian with them and am so happy I can help starving animals get fed, abused animals get help, and homeless animals find homes with happy families.

The moral of this post, I really would like to pass on this opportunity to everyone out there. If you go to http://www.myaspca.org/ you can set up your monthly donation, your one time donation, whatever! It is tax deductible so what is there to think about??! Go help the babies!! :)