My Last Say So...

So I've had quite a while away from everyone and everything to be able to reflect, think, and whatever else one is supposed to do when almost completely taken away from the world that she knows.

I have decided that I have let people get away with things for too long. There is one person in particular that I was good friends with, that I let get away with WAY more than they should have. Complete and total lies to not only my face, but to other people I consider friends as well. Complete disrepect for me and aforementioned friends. You see, this person took our weaknesses and used them against each and every one of us. Looking back on it now, I can't figure out why I let it go on, but I did. This "friend" used my good nature and super sensitive caring side to get what they wanted and to leave me and supposed other friends high and dry.

So I have decided no more. I originally thought a brief hello here and there would be okay, but I've decided now, they aren't worth it, honestly. I know that when the current situation turns to shit, which it will because the lies will once again come out as they always do, I don't want to be the one standing there to pick up the pieces. I am hopeful that my other friends will decide on the same, but that is on them now. I can only give my opinion, but the ultimate decision is theirs.


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