Too much excitement!

There is so much going on today it isn't even funny!!!

First, I need to mention that today is not only Star's birthday, but Buster's 4th birthday as well. I am a horrible puppy mommy and friend. I totally meant to buy a cute music card and stick it in the mail for Star and get a nice big bone for Buster, but didn't do either of the two. oye!

Also, something I have been waiting for a full month for, that isn't really exciting to anyone but me, BULK PICK UP is this weekend! yaay! I am SO excited that I get to throw out a bunch of the shit (yes I said shit & I meant it) someone left behind...not to mention some of our old stuff that I have been going through. Robert has been forewarned and is even entertaining my excitement. I am SO excited about this.

Next, I have decided that my current car is going to be my car for as long as it runs. Robert & I have made so many car purchases, but this one feels right, for once. Robert even mentioned switching some things out for me (small things like exhaust, etc.) to make it run perfect. Other than the much needed oil change (okay, so the light DID go on this morning, bad bad Devin!), my car is the perfect fit for me!

Also, Courtney & Sarah came up with the CUTEST idea before I left, and I have not lived up to my end of the deal at all. I feel horrible for this. So, that being said, not only do I plan on finishing up with my end and mailing it tomorrow, I have also made so small purchases and plan on sticking those in the mail for the both of them as well, sort of as a surprise/sorry I suck so hard core. I'll have to take pics and post them. If it turns out like I am expecting it should be cute and a smash hit!

Last weekend, I caved in and saw Transformers 2 with Robert, even though I didn't want to. I can't say I liked it, at all actually. The first one was okay, this one.....not so much. Anyways, to satisfy me, he also recommended that we see The Hangover, which we did & I'm still laughing. It is a MUST see movie and a MUST DVD purchase when it comes out. This weekend is my weekend and I am trying to decide between The Proposal and The Ugly Truth. Robert agreed to both & I think at this point, I may take him up on that offer...

Last, and certainly not least, what I am MOST excited about this morning. I received a very unexpected text this morning from my friend Heidi. First, it was a surprise since the last time we spoke she didn't have texts. She was the first friend I made when I originally moved to Texas. She is a stay at home Marine wife/mom of two and I was unemployed. It was great, she is the sweetest girl ever. Then I had to move back home to keep our income stable so we kind of lost touch. When I moved back I wanted to get together with her but Robert told me she moved back home for a while to get help with the new baby. I was upset but understood. So this text came as a welcome surprise to me. Turns out she is back now as well. I can't wait to see her and for us to all hang out again. It was so nice & reminds me of the good old days!

Things are finally getting back to normal. I have cleared out most of the clutter in my house, in my mind and in my life. I am almost back to my happy self again and it is much thanks to my family, friends, and most importantly Robert. He never gave up on us or me.

Happy :)

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