Fit as a Fiddle??


Recently, I have been on a quest to change my life, completely and totally. I started with the main issue, moving the heck away from New Orleans. Being away from the negative surroundings and people have majorly improved my attitude and health in general. I have been working on strengthening relationships, maintaining some, & completely ending others. Some are still in the decision process.

Anyways, I started cutting back and ultimately eliminating my soda intake. Yes, you heard me correctly, Ms. Coca Cola Junkie has cut herself off from the soda world. Also, another big change, and probably way more important than anything else in this blog, I have stopped drinking. Now, don't get me wrong, I think I may have had a mixed drink or two in the past month or so, but I'm not binge drinking/drinking every day like I was in New Orleans. I've learned that not only does my body not need that, but it cannot handle it. I think for a while there I was on the verge of becoming an alcoholic, then I scared myself in the other direction. ((my fellow partiers- don't worry, I will still drink for special occasions/while at a club/bar, just not on a daily basis like before))

The point of this whole blog is, I just recently joined 24 hour fitness & am in love with it so far. It is insane how cheap it is to join as a month to month member. I did some serious research and price comparison and it ended up being the only gym that could compete with my schedule and, believe it or not, was the cheapest. I'm still in shock. I got a personal trainer package to start me off in the right direction. Also, all of their classes are FREE! They have so many classes that I can take after work, kickboxing, yoga, hip hop, pretty much one of everything.

Anyways, I was super excited to pass this information along if anyone is interested in joining a gym, I've done the research for you, 24 hour fitness is the best option out there!

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