The Weekend

This weekend was full of different adventures. Friday night Robert and I went to our friend's house to hang out, nothing too eventful. Saturday Robert suggested we go to the aquarium in Dallas. I wasn't too much for the idea since I had heard poor reviews, but he was very eager to check it out, so I went along. What should have been about a 45 minute trip took a total of two hours. The city of Arlington feels that a Saturday during peak traffic for their area is a good time to close the interstate off completely, not warning anyone at all and funnelling everyone onto the entirely too small service road. To say the least, Robert was NOT a happy camper.

We were able to find a parking spot in the extremely small parking lot (this is the "Dallas World Aquarium" and the parking lot holds all of 20 cars? This doesn't seem right. Anyways, we took our place in line and waited....and waited. I thought we were almost at the front of the line, when we rounded the corner, only to realize, the line wrapped around several times. Needless to say, about an hour after waiting (man, I am NEVER patient, it must have been Robert's lucky day) we finally made it in to the "aquarium." First of all, let me just say, that someone should probably explain to Dallas that an aquarium should probably have more than 10 smaller tanks of fish. Second, they should probably look into investigating a little thing called a "fire code" because I'm more than certain they break it on the weekends. It felt as if we were standing in line the entire time just too look at the exhibits, which consisted of birds and monkeys. I was confused at one point, did we turn the wrong way and end up at the zoo? My frustration came to a peak when standing in the middle of the bird exhibit, I felt and heard a PLOP on my back. I heard a "ewww" from the lady behind us, and I knew right away what had happened. I was gifted with a nasty present on my back from a brightly colored bird. To make matters worse, after Robert saw it instead of helping right away he let out a big "GROOOSSS!" to call more people's attention to me. I was utterly disgusted and ready to go home after that. A few people tried to comfort me by telling me it was good luck. To me, I'd rather have my typical bad luck than bird shit on my back. ugh.

Anyways, after that we headed home, showered up and went over to a friend's to watch the big UFC fight. Boy, was it amazing! I haven't been able to sit down and enjoy a UFC fight in a while. It didn't matter that the two little girls kept wanting to play with me the whole time, I was able to play with them & keep them occupied to leave the daddies alone AND watch the fight. I have to say, I was somewhat impressed with myself.

So, that aside, I enjoyed the fight greatly. Each and every single last one of the fighters I wanted to win won. I especially enjoyed watching Frank Mir get his cocky ass handed to him by Brock Lesnar. I also liked Lesnar's little speech after winning.

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend!

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