So this is evolution??

I was sent this clip a while back and it still sticks in my head. I recently picked up my November Cosmo (I have a million laying around the house waiting to be read as I have a subscription) to flip through it. I noticed a picture of a beautiful woman. I noticed that she had a little thick thighs, but then I gasped *what is this?!* she has a little bit of a tummy pouch. Very little, let me make that perfectly clear, but a little tummy fat nonetheless. I was surprised and overwhelmed with happiness. They were praised by posting this picture in a previous month so they snapped a few more of full figured women. It was absolutely stunning & gave me encouragement that maybe, just maybe, normal figured and sized ladies still have a shot. Don't get me wrong, I have been losing weight, BUT there will come a point and time that I will be at my smallest, and my smallest will still not meet the previous "stick figure" beauty that has been upheld for the longest.

Anyways, seeing the article reminded me of this little video and I wanted to pass it along, especially for any of you young bloggers out there or ones with younger kids. It's good to pass it on :)

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