Meeting Ross Perot


So everyone has exciting stories about famous people they have met throughout their life. Hubby has a friend that seems to run into famous people every time he turns around, snaps pictures with them on his cell and sends them to him. I have never been that fortunate. I've gotten close to a few "famous" wrestlers, but none that really caught my interest.

So, as my followers know, the Marine Corps Birthday Ball was this past weekend. It was the 234th Birthday, so it was even more special since hubby is with VGMR 234. They decided to break away and have their own ball with their own special guest speaker, Mr. Ross Perot. I won't go into too much detail about meeting him, only to say he was one of the cutest, soft spoken, old man I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I'm happy to say I have now met someone "famous" and can't wait until my next encounter with someone as well known as him. Hey, Sarah Palin will be here shortly, maybe I'll snap a photo with her?!

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