A Lesson on Movie Etiquette


While visiting family in New Orleans for Thanksgiving I was able to score tickets to see "Boondock Saints II" which is in limited showing in the U.S. I was so excited, I could barely contain myself. The group I went with arrived about an hour early, just to scope out the perfect section. We seated ourselves and chatted for a while as the theater was empty. It began slowly filling as the showtime crept closer.

At some point, three younger guys come in being loud and obnoxious. We are seated three rows from the top, off center. They decide to sit directly behind us because, as one of them yelled to the other "that row be to high." ugh, I roll my eyes and feel my blood pressure rise a little. No worries, blow them off, let them talk themselves out before the previews and movie begin. A few minutes later, one of the guys leaves the other two to find the rest of their party, 'great' I thought to myself 'all we need is more annoying people right behind us.' A few minutes later the other two follow. Hmmm, maybe they entered the wrong theater and just realized it. That was a close one!

The theater fills up almost completely, a couple empty seats next to me, just like I like it and a few down the row. The lights begin to dim, but just before they are turned off completely, I see a group of 5 enter the theater. It is the infamous loud group from earlier. The original one yells at the other two for leaving and losing their seats and throws himself on the seat next to me. Another takes a seat at his side and the other three push their way through the aisle, kicking me as the go. Assholes! No excuse me, no apologies, they own this theater apparently & just forgot to inform everyone.

The previews begin, many movies I may have been interested in, would I have been given the chance to listen to the plot line, but of course, I was not afforded this opportunity due to my new neighbors banging on about their shitty seats. It takes much effort on my end to keep my temper. I've been known to have anger problems and a very short temper. I don't want to embarass the people I am with, but if this continues much longer, I know I won't have a choice. The lights completely turn off and the movie begins. I ignore them for a split second as the excitement explodes within me, yes! finally!! The excitement is quickly burst with the conversation next to me. I decide to say "movies starting" ((maybe they didn't notice?)). They continued talking so I repeat myself, this time a little louder. Still, nothing. Finally the man in front of them has had enough. He turns arounds and asks "Are you guys going to talk during the whole F*king movie?!". I have to admit, it was very difficult for me to try to hold in my laughter so I didn't and let it slip out. This was followed by many threats of him "popping off on all of us" so on and so forth.

Anyways, moral of the story, if you are paying $10 to see a movie and want to talk through the whole thing, please expect to be yelled at and/or have the crap beat out of you :) Learn your movie etiquette & mind your manners for your own sake!

P.S. Boondock Saints II was actually greater than I imagined it would be. The boys looked almost as great as they did ten years ago and still made my heart skip a beat everytime they appeared on screen! ::sigh::

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