The Key to Happiness

It seems as though every time I turn around I hear about "the key to happiness" or "money won't buy you happiness" or some other clever saying about happiness. But what is happiness? Well, first I'd like to say, whoever said "money can't buy you happiness" isn't entirely correct. Where it is true that you cannot literally buy happiness, having the means to do the things that make you happy can't hurt!
I have learned over the past year or so that you make your own happiness. You don't have to always be in the best situation (whether it be financially, mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.), but if you have the determination to be happy, no one can take that away.
I have learned to live each day like it is your last. Don't put off the things you have been wanting to do, because let's be honest, who knows how long you will be around. I'm sure many of you are like me and have a never ending list of things you want to do, places you want to see, people you want to meet. It can all seem overwhelming if you take it in all at once, but just take a moment and prioritize and I promise you things will fall into place.
Make yourself happy. Wake up each morning and thank God (or whoever you pray to, depending on your religion) for letting you wake up, letting you take in the fresh air and exhale. I thank God every morning I wake up for my family and friends. For giving me the opportunity to make my life better. Then I smile. When you are in a bad mood, think of a funny joke, or a funny time with your friends and family and just laugh and/or smile. I promise you will feel a million times better than you did before.
I hope my positive attitude has rubbed off on you a bit. I'm trying to keep my positivity through to the New Year, no matter what it brings. Today I am especially thankful for giving me some time off of work to spend on a snow day in Fort Worth, especially for being able to spend it with my pup who LOOOVES the snow.


Armando said...

very well-done. Well express and expose as you set, money doesn't buy happiness. But how it helps. isn't it Lol.
I wish you will have a wonderful new year as a matter of fact, we live in Denton Texas. So when you mentioned about snow our dog goes nuts with it and Angel face , which is her name she almost put me In the deitch. When i was walking her with a leashm, that little devil, looks like your dog. anyhow, blessed us to you and happy happy happy happy new year

Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Just dropped by to say Happy New Year. Hope you're still enjoying the blog. Have a good one.