Work It Out!!


So I've been pushing myself pretty hard to get back on the ball and work out consistently. Last night was a pretty interesting experience. Before I get into the story, I'd like to announce that I have dropped 10 additional pounds and it seems to keep going and going.....Anyways, to the story....

As I sat on the ab machine in between reps, I noticed a very, unnaturally tanned blonde a few rows of machines ahead. Normally she wouldn't have caught my attention as it seems I'm almost always outnumbered by blondes in the gym. She was different though. She had the pounds of makeup on, of course, but what caught my eyes was glitter. She had a glitter covered hair time and a baseball cap that looked like a bedazzle machine threw up on it. This alone was enough to hold my attention for quite sometime. She apparently caught the gents in the gym's attention as well. I was a little curious though, she was no different than the other blondes, why here? It clearly wasn't because of the glitter/bedazzle fiasco was it? Then it happened, she turned around and within a second I knew why the fellows' eyes followed her everywhere she went. She had a beautiful pair of artificially enhanced breasts that looked as if they stood at attention for the gym. But, again, that didn't set her aside from most of the female gym inhabitants. How should I put this....either she was VERY excited...or very cold. It was the most blatant nipple showage ever. I was mortified for her, embarrassed and ashamed. She had to know didn't she?? Either way, I found myself having a hard time looking away at first. She pranced (yes, pranced) from machine to machine, the male population not taking their eyes off of her, when I realized "wow, she likes the attention." It was very obvious she knew what was going on and looked as if she were glowing from the stares.

Anyways, no point behind the story really, just thought it was pretty funny. But it does make me think, I wonder if I could ever be like that. Don't get me wrong, I can thrive if you throw me on the spot or stick me in the room with a million people I don't know and tell me to make friends. But I don't know if I would actually go out of my way to have people stare at me.

What about you guys?

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