Despite the fact that I have been struck with the insomnia stick once again, apparently, I am in a very chipper mood this morning. Rabbit came back yesterday from a trip & we went bowling, which I haven't done in forever. I started off thinking I should let him win, not knowing how poor of a sport he would be if I won (I simply wouldn't know since he beats me at every other game or thing we do lol). I figured, why not play to my full potential, so I did, and I won both games we played. He was a very good sport, which made it better.

This weekend is drill weekend, which means I will be left to my own devise during the weekend days. I think I may venture around to certain spots and take some pictures.


Thinking about going back to the water gardens and wander around and take time taking photos. We will see, depending on the heat!

I'm also going to get new contacts/glasses and run other errands. But what I am most excited about....


RANGERS! v. the Red Sux. I really hope to see the Rangers demolish the sux, but we will have to wait & see, but I certainly am hoping for baseline seats on this one. I have many, many, many reasons to hate the sux, my number one reason being I'm a diehard Yankees fan, always & forever...

Other than that, probably poker or a party at a friend's tonight and who else knows what else.... the weekend is still young, I'll wait & see...happy friday! :)

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