Someday We'll Know

I popped in my "A Walk to Remember" CD this morning to change it up from my constant rocking out phase. I had a pretty good weekend, could have been more eventful, but I am grateful for it now, since I apparently will be non-stop for the next month or so. You will not hear a complaint leave my lips though. I am SOOO happy to be living here with my hubby. I always knew he was special, but I didn't realize that we would fall in love all over again. The area is so beautiful and safe. The weather, although pretty hot in the summer, is so beautiful once the season starts changing (which you can already tell it is in the mornings and evenings). The people are fantastic. I still haven't run out of things to do or see around here. It is simply amazing.

I prepped the house for our guest that are coming in a couple days. I feel guilty that they will be left on their own on Thursday, then Friday will have Robert as a tour guide, but I know they will stay entertained in this city. Saturday will be full of shoe shopping with Lyz as she is a shoe whore much like myself, so we will be hitting the shoe heaven as I call it. They will be leaving Sunday, which gives me enough time to re-group my thoughts and house for my special arrival on Friday. For this visit, I had planned a day off, which I am still taking so I can pick her up from the airport. This visit, I am sure, will change Dallas, Fort Worth and all surrounding areas. I'm not sure if they can handle us.

Anyways, back to the beginning, I popped in the CD and this song has been stuck in my head (along with pretty much all the others, guess I'll be watching the movie again soon!). Enjoy!

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