You're better off dead...

& that's just what you are to me....only certain people deserve the respect of a memory, but you, my "old friend" will not even get a spec in my memory, I'd like to save room for memories that are worth something...

that being said...it is almost quitting time. If business wouldn't have picked up so much I would be going home, but I'm setting up for a new project, yippie!! :)

I plan on having a lot of fun tonight with some friends and pretty much the rest of the weekend. It is great to have a life that I don't have to constantly lie to people all the time. This is the last blog I will acknowledge you in, simply because I see you still getting on to check my stuff, which is, to be quite honest, kinda psycho...so go back to your lies & entertain yourself..

&& without further ado...for everyone's listening pleasure, an awesome song that I cannot get out of my head...enjoy & have an awesome weekend!!! :)

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