Fight Night!!!

I feel like a kid everytime a UFC fight weekend comes around. I get so excited and overtaken with joy and excitement, so much so that it's ridiculous and hard to believe. Anyways, I have A LOT to blog about, so much excitement and stuff going on in my life right now it isn't even funny! I've had slim to no time to keep everyone up to speed as I should, no time to introduce new products, new music, new movies, but I promise, I will catch up soon. Hopefully tonight/tomorrow because this weekend is completely jammed packed with fun events (which I will get into more in another blog...

On to the real post.....


This weekend's fight is sure to be interesting. Although it dims in comparison to the most recent big fight (with my guys Lesnar, GSP and other big names on the fight card), it is sure to be eventful. The two main fights that I am most anxiously awaiting, as I'm sure they are the same two everyone else is waiting for, is Penn vs. Florian and Silva vs. Griffin. I'm pulling for Penn just because Florian rubs me the wrong way, nothing personal. & surprisingly I'll be cheering on Forrest Griffin strictly based on his quirckly personality. Some people think he's cocky, but you can tell when it comes down to it, he is out there being silly and having fun. Doesn't hurt that he's actually pretty good as well.

We will see what happens...I'll have to be content with this until GSP fights again (grrrooowlll). The ultimate reward would be to see Frank Shamrock again...man do I love me so Frank Shamrock...but I know that is only a dream...

A little taste of frank:


Promise I'll get everyone up to speed soon. Until then, let me know who you think will win or at least who you want to win. The other fighters I usually wait until weigh in and make my ultimate decisions then.

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