To the Subway Asshole

This is a perfect example to follow up my "for all mankind" post. This evening, after leaving my husband's football game, we decided to stop and treat ourselves to a quick, healthy dinner. We pulled up at the Subway and there were only two customers in the store. A man and what appeared to be his young son. They were leaving as we were walking in. My husband and I both paused for a minute when they walked out, realizing they left all of their garbage and remaining food scraps on the table at which they sat. I stopped for a moment thinking, "maybe they aren't finished, maybe they are just grabbing something from the car." So I stood patiently, waiting for them to turn back around and pick up after themselves, like normal, decent human being with respect for others do.

As most of you may have figured out by now, he didn't return to collect his garbage and dispose of it properly. Instead, he and his son got in their car and prepared to depart, leaving the workers to pick up after them, almost like their personal maid. My husband, being just as disgusted as me, walked over to their table, grabbed some napkins and started picking up their garbage and tossing in the garbage can. It took us all of 15 seconds to completely clear the table, the whole event took so little time that the man was still buckling his seat belt. I looked at him until he was forced to make eye contact. This is when my bad temper kicked in. Robert is always my saving grace. Had he not been there, I know I would have walked outside and asked him to get out of the car. Child there or not, this man needed to be taught a lesson, even if it is from someone half his age. But I did not do this, because I know I would have been stopped. Instead I mouthed the word "asshole." How did he react you ask? He waved. To this, I laughed, which seemed to anger him (ever notice that when people are mad and you laugh at them, it just pisses them off more?).

I just don't understand. What would possess someone to do that? The most ridiculous part about it, the kid had through his crusts all over the table. Obviously he was never taught table manners. I chalk it up to this, obviously the man was just a nasty, dirty, slob with no respect for others and thus, no respect for himself ultimately. I should confirm that thought with myself based off of the way he was dressed, a holey dirty black shirt, dirty shorts, purple socks and dingy shoes.

That's it, I'll just tell myself he's a slob. There is no way someone could possibly be that rude and disrespectful.....


Alexandria-Elizabeth said...

I hate people like this, what a complete idiot. I hope karma bites him in the bum for being so obnoxious. The fact he had a child aswell - the poor kid's only going to learn from it. Gross.


There's always a million reasons not to do something said...

I know right?! ugh, it's so annoying/frustrating. I wanted to pull him out the car and beat some sense into him & then look at the kid and say "don't grow up to be gross like him"