The List

I began a list when I was in high school after seeing "A Walk to Remember" (God, do I LOVE that movie!). Anyways, I made a list of everything I wanted to do before I died. The list contained some small things, random things, all the way up to large things. I kept this list with me where ever I went. When we evacuated for Hurricane Katrina, it came along for the ride. Somehow, in a horrible, horrible mishap, I left the list in the apartment in Marietta, Georgia. Upon leaving the apartment, I suddenly realized I had left it. My heart began to race and I had Robert call Henry to see if he could grab it before he left (Henry shared our apartment and wasn't scheduled to leave until a few weeks after us). The phone call was made and to my horror, my list evidently thrown away. I shed a few tears for the list I had worked so long and hard on, both adding things and scratching things off as I went on with my life. I got over it. A year or two later I had completely forgotten about it. That was, until I began thinking about death so much. I'm not trying to be morbid at all. It is a fact of life, we all die. So I thought to myself, maybe I should start another list? & what better place to keep this list than on here, where it CAN'T be lost or thrown away! So....for your reading enjoyment...here is my list! Feel free to make suggestions, I like to do fun things, exciting, scary, crazy...whatever!!

1. Go to New York
2. Go to a Yankees game
3. Shop in Paris
4. Learn how to drift
5. Go bungee jumping
6. Go on a sail boat
7. Go canoeing
8. Go on an actual hike
9. Go on an actual camping trip (more than a day long)
10. Get my tattoo that I've wanted for my papa
11. Spend a full day watching back to back movies
12. Try Indian cuisine
13. Go a day with absolutely no electronics (cell, computer, tv, etc.)
14. Spend the weekend being a tourist in New Orleans
15. Go on a carriage ride
16. Ride a horse
17. Go to a horse race
18. Do a beauty pageant (the other one doesn't count since I wasn't being serious)
19. Finish college
20. Have a successful career
21. Become someone you wouldn't want to be without
22. Have kids and be a good mom to them
23. Become a great wife
24. Go to Niagra Falls
25. Ride on a train
26. Take the subway
27. Go to a musical
28. Go to an opera
29. Take a real vacation for a week, no cell phones, no worries

There are more that I am still thinking up and will update as I go along.


Ashley said...

I really enjoyed your list, I too have started a list, although mine is my 30 before 30. Keep us updated and good luck!

star said...

AWTR makes me cry everytime. every single fucking time. its ridiculous.

good list though! you should add something like learning another language or mastering an instrument or something of that sort. i dunno. lol <3

It was a beautiful letdown, when I crashed & burned... said...

ah that is SO freaking crazy. I've been looking at this cute sparkly pink electric guitar that I want to buy and learn how to play. & I'm working on spanish & hopefully japanese soon! totally forgot to put those on my list! thanks! lol