I take A LOT of heat for being a Yankees fan. Mainly because I'm a southern girl. But I stand by "my" team for one reason only, my papa. My papa was from up north. He LOVED the Yankees. When I was growing up I'd watch as many games as I could. Granted it might not have been that many since I was the youngest child with no control over the programming we watched. I would be in heaven when I could catch the game and tell my papa the score. I started getting more into it as I got older and I discovered their shortstop, Derek Jeter, wasn't too bad on the eyes.

Exhibit A


grrrrrowl....brown chicken brown cow.

Okay, enough of being a pervert.

Anyways, as the years went on I lost interest. Jeter became more popular, began doing commercial after commercial and suddenly became full of himself. I lost complete and total interest in the Yankees. It didn't stop my papa from asking how they were every now and then. I should have followed them still just to humor him, but I couldn't seem to find time.

Now every time I catch them on TV I stop and watch them for a while. Not because they are my favorite team anymore, but because they were my papa's. When they make a good play or win (which hasn't been much since they are at 10-10 right now I believe) I chuckle a little and mimic my papa's all famous "how about them Yankees?!

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