My Buster Bear

As many of you know, I am obsessed. I do not deny that I have an obsession with my dog. Some might say I treat him as my child. To be honest, I am completely okay with people saying that. I raised him from when he was a puppy. He used to sprinkle all over and tear everything in his sight to shreds. Robert gave up on him after having him for a few weeks. He wanted to get rid of him several times. I was about at my wits end the day I came home to him in our bedroom, floor covered in feathers that he had plucked one by one from my feather duster. He sat in the middle of it all, anxiously wagging his tail, anticipating my reaction. It is strange to think back to that time. He has made such a total transformation, it is unbelievable at time. He never has accidents in the house, never tears things up, sits, shakes, speaks, is a perfect guard dog, walks next to me on our daily walks, listens, understands when you tell him to go find a specific person, is gentle with Amelia, even to grab a treat out of her hand ever so gently...it is just amazing.

Anyways, he has been acting a little strange lately, and I am finding myself worrying probably more than a normal person would. But, then again, he is my "kid" so I guess it is okay to worry.


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Ashley said...

I completely understand, my dog, Bentley, is basically my child. Your dog is a huge part of the family. Hope he starts acting better. Best Wishes