My Tuesday Roller Coaster

Tuesday, yes, as in yesterday, was a bit of a roller coaster day for me. I got some terrific news that my friend, Aimie, also Amelia's mom, was expecting her second child. I was overwhelmed with happiness for her and Bryan. It made me a bit sad though. Robert and I originally thought we would have kids by now. Yes, I am only 23 and he is about to turn 24, but it was something we had "all figured out." Then life happened. I'll spare everyone the boring details, but in the past 6 years of us being together, we have been actually together, physically, for only about two of those years. No complaining here though, all it gets me is the usual "well, you knew what you were getting into when you married into the military." Like it is a punishment. I'll take full responsibility, I was very well aware of what I was getting myself into.

So, okay, no more rambling. As if that GREAT news didn't turn my heart to mush, I got more news, this time though, the bad kind. I really don't think I can handle telling everyone right now. Mainly because when I do, it will become all to real, and I'm really not ready for that right now. So, if I start acting weird, okay weirder than normal people, just bear with me!

& with that crazy enigma I leave you with this....

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star said...

aw :( about your bad news. if you need to talk or anything you can call me anytime, lady. im always up. srsly... my sleeping patterns are ridiculous.