Youth in America?

First, I need to apologize to my followers for staying away for so long. It has been a pretty hectic week!! I do hope to make up for the time missed though.

Now that the apology is out of the way, I will jump right into the topic I want to discuss. Youth in America. I had a horrible experience yesterday at the grocery store that I feel I need to share with you all.

I have been alternating between groceries in order to find the perfect one. I made hubby come with me yesterday because I was just too weak to lift the heavy things. He eagerly obliged and we made it through in record time. As we were leaving we walked across the front of the store on the outside to get to our car. As we were approaching one of the store's entrances, I see a group of about five girls. My stature and their baby faces I would estimate they were about 8 or 9 in age. But beyond that, you wouldn't be able to tell, their faces were caked with make up (probably the equivalent to a Miss AmericaPageant contestant) and such mature clothes for adults much less the children that they were. I watch as they waltz across the lot, getting in the way of people, jumping in front of cars, just all around being annoying and in the way. I shake my head. I'm insulted but at the same time sad that these children are out in a public place, dressed the way they are AND with no adult supervision. I mumble to hubby "where are their mothers?!" Just as the words come out one of the little babies looks at me and says "um excuse me?! where is your mother?!" I was shocked. I took at minute to contain my giggle and reply "honey, I'm old enough to be in public without my mom." I didn't stop walking this whole time because I really didn't want to get in a fight with a disrespectful child.

As angry as I was at the baby for talking to an adult that way, I felt a bit saddened. These girls will never have a chance. They already have the idea in their brain that they need to show their [lack of] business and cover themselves in paint in order to be cool. Not to mention, the store that we were at wasn't in the BEST of places, all I could think of was that one of those babies would be snatched before it is over. Then we would see the mum and dad on the teley sobbing "o my baby, I don't know how this happened!" Well, news flash people, when your children are running around barely dressed with a face of a prostitute and you have no clue where they are wandering around at unsupervised, things like that happen!

Ok, enough of my rant. This all leads me to yet another reason of why I am hesitant to have children. What if we have a little girl and she feels she needs to resort to this to be cool? What if I don't buy my girl a push up bra and thong undies at the age of 6? Ahh! The terror!!!!!

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Kitty Moore said...

I absolutely agree - I would never allow Mia to dress like that, much less let her out on her own at that age x