Inspiration comes in different ways, shapes and sizes. Today I got a bit of inspiration and renewed faith in myself. My mind turned to my blog. The one thing I have always had control over (not including the times I've used it to take a jab at someone I KNEW would be reading). It is always here for me to vent to, lash out at, share happiness with.

But lately, I've let it fall to the waste side. Well, let's be honest, I never build it up to the capacity I meant to. It has always been a work in progress since its existence. This blog was meant to be a place to not only log my thoughts and dreams but to keep track of important memories/stories/jokes that may fall from my memory after time. To share my taste in music, food and alcohol. But most importantly, my love of fashion. Whether it be cute clothes, great accessories, or fantastic/stylish new make ups, that is where my heart is and belongs.

So I'm holding myself accountable and completely responsible. This blog will be turned around and become what it was meant to be. I will continue to bring you my random stories, but hopefully with more random bits of happiness and newness in between.

I hope those of you who have been my faithful followers from the very beginning will continue to stay with me. :)



New follower here. I like your train of thoughts. I was also kinda tomboyish growing up. But upon discovering the joys and wonders of being a woman, I've never looked back! I've never been happier. Cheers!

Kitty Moore said...

I'm not going anywhere!