Back from the Dead

That is about the only way I can sum it up. My world turned into a madhouse after my last post and, unfortunately, this was the easiest/most logical thing to cut from my schedule. Things have seemed to calm down a little bit so I feel like maybe I should give this another try. Also, I feel a lot better after I blog.

Let's see, first thing is first. I have managed to drop thirty pounds since I've started my quest for dropping the pounds. It is still not everything I want to lose but I already feel amazing and am able to wear between small and medium clothes in juniors, so ...yea, excitement! Pic below :)

I have managed to cross a couple things off of my bucket list. I was actually able to attend TWO Yankees games this season. Now, I know they don't really count since I saw them while they were playing in Texas, but I am pretty content for now to semi-check it off of my list.

I finally feel comfortable here, like it is my home. I have met some pretty amazing people and have formed some long lasting friendships. Everything finally seems to be going right, everything back on track && I'm ready to rock out.

Anyways, I'm going to try to start blogging daily [hey, no snickers here, you know I do my best ;)].....okay maybe I should stick with weekly first and see where to go from there. You guys have a lot of catching up to do :)

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