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So I've recently decided to deactivate my facebook account. I feel like I need a break from everything. This was a quick and easy way to stay off of most of my friends' radar and avoid invites and talking while I take my "mental vacation." I know it sounds a little strange, but sometimes, you just need a break :) So far, it has only been about two days & I'm actually enjoying it. I feel like I am more productive at work and at home and I'm halfway through a book I've been wanting to read for quick a while. O! and how can I forget, time for blogging!

Anyways, I've noticed the past couple days that I feel the need to "post" things I'm excited about that are upcoming, but alas, where do I post without facebook? Well, my friends, you are the lucky ones, because I will randomly be posting my excited lists on here from time to time :)

I am excited about:

1. My sister's recent engagement. Despite not being the biggest fan of the guy, he makes her happy. That is all I ask, o yes & that he take care of her so I don't have to kill him :)
2. A change in scenery soon
3. Hubby's promotion. It has been over a week but it still has me bubbly

I am SUPER excited about:
1. Checking out these two new recipes I found this weekend. One is a breakfast pie and the other is a low-fat reduced sodium tortilla soup!! Way beyond excited about expanding my recipe collection.
2. This "marriage enrichment" deal that hubby & I are doing on Saturday. The military always offers things like this to couples to help with their relationship. Hubby & I's theory is, why not take advantage of it when it is offered so we never need REAL help when it is too late.

That is about it for now. Hope you enjoyed my ramble :)

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Thelonius Bostik said...

that's just so amazing! i've started to follow your blog! you can check out mine here: http://modelsfromtheearth.blogspot.com/