It's Time To Talk About Your Health....

Long time no post! I'll spare you the apologies and excuses, and jump right into what I want to talk about.....health!

I recently found a SD memory card from a camera I had about two years ago. I grabbed it and made a mad dash to the laptop to see what "ancient" jewels it held. It popped up with 535 pictures, I clicked download, and within a matter of seconds I was skimming through photos I had completely forgotten I had taken. Then, I made it to the section I had subconsciously tried to forget. The 2008 Marine Corps Ball. The dress I had chosen, within 20 minutes in the store, was NOT flattering at all. It was not only the dress that brought me to pure horror, but my weight. I hadn't realized until that point how heavy I was. Not an "O my gosh Becky, I can't believe I ate that extra cracker at lunch, 20 minutes extra cardio for me tonight!" but the "how did my family and friends not have an intervention to stop me from destroying myself" heavy. As much as I wanted to close out of the program, I continued on, jumping from picture to picture, looking bigger and unhealthier in each as they progressed.

It was at that moment that I swore to myself to get back on track. Since that time I had dropped about thirty or so pounds. It wasn't just the weight that was my goal, but all over health. I gained muscle so that could account for a few extra pounds. I went off of the way clothes fit way looser and it felt great! I reached a plateau about a month or two ago. I stopped going to the gym like I should have and stopped eating healthy like I used to. I was disappointed in myself. A lot of people try to blame the holidays, but that was not the case. I had given up. Until I saw what I used to look like. Sometimes it takes a kick in the ass to remember what you are fighting for.

So, I have been making it a point to cook home cooked meals each night. It has been working so far.

Now, you will have to excuse the tilapia. I guess I didn't realize how easily it would fall apart after marinading it in a lemon/hot sauce mixture. Either way, grilled tilapia (my own recipe), baked asparagus (biggest loser cook book- this was the first recipe from there I didn't enjoy), and a mixed salad (just lettuce and spinach). All-in-all it was a pretty good dinner.

Anyways, I'm always looking for great new recipes, whether it be for a main course, side, snack, beverage, whatever. So if you ever have anything to share, lay it on me :)

I hope to keep you guys updated on the process. Hopefully I can be an inspiration for some of you that may be wanting to get on the healthy path too. Maybe some of you can be MY inspiration?

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