Personal accountability

Let's be honest, I keep posting on here and talking about how I am going to do this and how I'm going to do that. WELL, I haven't done any of what I have promised. SO I have decided that I am going to start using this blog as a way to hold myself personally accountable for the self-promises I make, pretty much on a daily basis. Here are some promises I've made to myself and haven't lived up to thus far:

Finishing college, going to a fashion show and eventually making it to a fashion week (I'd settle for New York), making sure I am presentable every time I leave the house (hair fixed, no wrinkled clothes, etc.), dieting and exercising correctly, but most important of all BLOGGING!!

NOW, hopefully that I have put it all out there, I will keep myself on task and start sharing some of the craziness with my followers :)

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Candize B. said...

I love your blog and how you express your self. It shows your true self which I love. Keep showing your love.