When All Logic Fails, Resort to Name Calling...?

**Disclaimer-- I wrote this blog quite a while back, while searching for a clip of this incident. I gave up after a while, thought to myself "hmm let's give it some time, I'm sure they will have a clip of her calling this man an 'ass'. Time passed by and honestly, I forgot, then I looked again, only to give up quickly so that I don't spend half my day googling "meme roth calls man ass"**

While organizing things around the house last night and listening to Fox News (yes, yes, I said it, now all of my readers can either love me more or decide they hate me for no reason, other than that I tend to be more sane than the left wing nut jobs), and interesting topic was being discussed: childhood obesity. Not just childhood obesity, but the fact that there are laws being passed making it illegal for fast food restaurants to offer toys with their meals. Now, usually, I probably couldn't care one way or the other. First, we don't have children, so I'd only be standing ground off of an assumption viewpoint. Secondly, when we do have kids, a toy will not be the selling point of whether my child gets fast food or not. Because I, as a mother, will tell them yes or no. Because I'm the boss & that's the way it goes (what, you know you mother's out there say the same thing, momma's the boss always, that's how it was in my home growing up).

Anyways, the point that the government is now going to be controlling silly things (okay let me not downplay childhood obesity since it is growing, no pun intended, like wild fire) kind of bothers me. What will they start controlling next? Honestly, if we are going to get this aggressive about stopping childhood obesity, they may want to make it a law that each child will have to ride their bike to school, as opposed to riding the bus.

Either way, no matter how you feel about it, each side had valid points that made me nod my head to in agreement. But it seems that the advocate of the "no toys with food" law ran out of valid points and/or arguments and resorted to name calling on public television. Now, it was not a horrible display of vulgar language. {{"[guys name] don't be an ass"}}Hey, I call people asses all the time, but not on public television and not because they simply disagree with my logic/views/morals/etc.

Anyways, by the end of the segment I was giggling a little and shaking my head saying "Meme Roth, maybe you're the ass."

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That is very funny..