Butt Prints on the Glasstop Desk

That about sums up what came to my mind when I recently saw an old man who looked like my last boss. I remember the day I found out about his many *man do I mean MANY* office flings. I became sick to my stomach thinking about it as I was the one cleaning his office due to my OCD/cleaning disorder/control freak-ness/organizational disorder. I thought of how many times I probably cleaned off dried baby juice and didn't even realize it. Then I have to stop myself before I throw up like I did when I first found out.

Instead, I let my thoughts take me back to the people I used to work with. I feel bad for the one older lady who I honestly think is still clueless to it all. She actually isn't a bad person. I can't say anything about her lack of work ethic because, shoot, maybe I'll be like that when I get old, too tired to give a damn. She prided herself on her appearance, but deep down you could tell she wasn't a bad person. Things that came out of her mouth every now and then gave way to a soft side that she didn't like to show. When my old boss walked past her you could see the true love/adoration in her eyes towards him. She honestly loved him. She really had no clue what a shitbag he was. Neither did I. I used to go in his office to have him sign letters as he told me sob story after sob story of how this girl left him and this girl accused him of cheating, never true of course (riiiiight).

Anyways, after a while, I felt like I had a friend more than a boss, which was great. I was able to leave pretty much whenever I wanted and only got in trouble on the rariest of occassions when my younger boss got irritated. I was living the dream. I was away from hubby so I was drinking constantly. After bills and booze I barely had two dimes to rub together, but I didn't care. The alcohol numbed the reality, for a while at least. I started getting the cold shoulder from my older co-worker due to my new found friendship with her love. Rumors began and of course, I became a topic of one of her catty co-workers blog posting. It didn't and still doesn't bother me. I know she was hurt because she thought something was going on and her old friend was trying to stick up for her. That's what friends do. Neither of them would have thought twice about this if they really knew what this guy was doing, but that is neither here nor there.

I began to become suspicious of his motives after a few references, so I started digging deeper into his past. It became very obvious he was divorced due to his infidelity and I honestly felt heartbroken for his ex-wife. MY thoughts drifted back to my co-worker, so obviously oblivious to what a dog he was. Stories of ex-girlfriends made their way to the surface and it became clear this man couldn't keep it in his pants.

It wasn't long before I realized I needed to get out of this place before I ended up like him. Someone who couldn't commit to one person, someone who couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it. One lie lead into another, until he couldn't see through all of the bull shit.

I do regret not giving my other younger boss the chance to finish stuff up with me before I took off, but I think if he ever found out what happened he would agree with my situation (if he, say, put his newly made wife in my situation he would understand completely with my actions).

I was told by a friend still employed that IT uncovered lots of deleted [inapproriate] emails that my boss had sent to me and many others, though he was still and IS still employed with them.

Later I was called by another friend. She was barely speaking through tears and in an angry voice wanted to know what he tried to do with me. She then went on to tell me the things he did to her, she did to him and the things they did together. In his office, on the desk, all over. I became sick to my stomach and had to grab the toilet. I had cleaned that desk so many times, so unaware that stuff like that happened on it.

Anyways, so weird that all of these thoughts and memories surfaced just from seeing this poor old guy sitting all alone on the street.

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Kitty Moore said...

The old guy sitting alone on the street probably reminded you of your ex-boss because that is exactly where he will end up one day - old and alone. x