Good Day

Have you ever had one of those days where you can just tell it is going to be a GOOD day? (much like the ones where you can tell they are going to be horrible). Well, today I can just tell is going to be a great day! I woke up before my alarm went off feeling refreshed. Had puppy dog follow me around wagging his tail. Hubby turned on the teley and this song was on, yet again!, and it puts me in the best mood imaginable!! I must confess that I originally thought it was Jason Mraz when I first heard it (so sue me!) but then I realized that I think I've fallen for Michael Buble's wonderful talent/singing voice and of course that adorable face of his.

I used the new beauty product I'm selling last night and this morning and my skin feels amazing!Who would have thought soft skin would help set the mood for the day!

Now to leave you with a funny before I start work. This morning I was able to get out of the house early enough to treat myself to a QT cappuccino (the only QT is about 5 minutes out of the way so I'm only allowed it when I leave early, which is hardly ever lately). I grabbed my cappuccino, my apple, orange and water and headed to the counter. I opted out of the plastic bag (gotta save the world ya know?!) and managed to juggle my way to the car. I grabbed my key to unlock the door (note to self: need to get the remoteless key fixed) only to discover that someone must have tampered with my lock, it won't open! After a few unsuccessful tries, panic set in. I stepped back only to realize it wasn't my car! Thank goodness the person who it belongs to did not walk out during my adventure, they would have likely called the cops alerting them that there was a crazy lady running around juggling fruits trying to break into people's cars. teee hheee..

Have a great day guys!!

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Kitty Moore said...

That's hilarious! Glad you had a good day x