Giving your hair the [silent] treatment

So after my move I wanted to work on a lot of things about myself, inside and out. One thing that was for sure was that I needed a heavy duty hair treatment. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm pretty fortunate with my hair, it's a good length and for the most part healthy most of the time. I think it may have had a little shock to the humidity change and water change when I moved, so I decided to give it a treat.

I went to CVS to grab a couple things and wandered down the hair aisle. I hovered over the V05 section for a minute or two. I contemplated getting the hot oil treatment and call it a day, but I figured, 'hey why not try something new?!' As I made my way down the aisle, I saw an unfamiliar brand. Now, if I would have been my normal self, I probably would not have tried it, but for some reason I was living on the wild side (I know, wild thing me right?! lol)

There it was in its cute packaging. Cristophe (deep thermal reconstructer). After contemplating and going back and forth for about ten minutes, I decided, why the heck not? what's the worst that would happen?

Now is where it got a little scary & I thought I'd be writing a completely different blog at this point and time. I went home, got in the shower and followed the directions to the nine. I put the step 1 on completely, made sure every strand was covered then moved to step 2. Step 2 warned it would be warm, but I did not realize just how warm it would be, even the second it touched my skin. I was a little disturbed & honestly concerned for my hair's sake at that point. I figured there was no turning back at that point though. I finished the process and waited. I noticed my hair was easy to brush out after but that's how it always is with any kind of deep conditioner.

I went to sleep and the next morning got ready for work. I was horrified to run my fingers through my hair (as I normally do every morning to access the damage, braid, bun today?). It felt as though I had someone else's hair on my head & not in a good way. It was extremely dry and felt DISGUSTING! I thought to myself, 'O Mr. Cristophe, you will be getting a nasty blog written about you as to warn all my fellow new product seekers of your horrible, horrible product.'

Now you're probably wondering, 'I thought this was going to be a recommendation?!'. Well you are right. That night I got home, showered and figured I would do damage control that weekend. The next morning I woke up & it was as if my hand was touched by the silky hair God!! It felt and look amazing!! better than I can ever remember it looking or feeling. Anyways, long story short, it has been about two weeks and my hair still looks and feels GREAT!

I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for something new. Has anyone else used any of other products in this line? If so, I'm curious to see if they live up to the same standard.

You can check out the site at www.cristophe.com

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